Salahuddin Sick of Party Members Whining for Contracts

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Putrajaya will enhance transparency in awarding tenders for projects, thanks to the persistence of party members “whining” for permits and projects, said Agriculture and Agro-based Industries Minister Salahuddin Ayub.

How tenders and contracts will be awarded:

  • All tender applications done online, and people don’t need to go to the office and get to know anybody
  • Technical committee will vet through online applications
  • Based on the contractors’ abilities and qualifications
  • Only to genuine players in the industry

The Amanah deputy president today said he is sick of the attitude of party members, supporters and friends who think they can get permits and tenders from the ministry.

“I feel ‘rimas’ (suffocated) with friends and party members asking for tenders from the ministry. It has gone to the point of whining.


“We are going to make sure there is integrity among civil servants right to the top. That is the Pakatan Harapan philosophy.

“I will discuss further on how to finalise the process,” he said in his monthly.

When asked to elaborate, Salahuddin said there is transparency as applications are vetted by the technical committee.

“All tender, AP (approved permit) applications are done online. People don’t go to the office, get to know anybody (before they submit their applications).

“The technical committee will look at the online applications and vet through them. We will do our best to maintain transparency.”

The Pulai MP said the administration will award contracts or tenders based on the contractors’ abilities and qualifications.

“Those awarded tenders and contracts today are genuine players in the industry.

“We want to do away with ‘rent seekers’ who are given contracts even though they have no factories or anything. We won’t allow this old practice again.” – TMI