Envoys on the Chopping Block Too

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Political appointees to be shown the door.

Dr M’s revelations:

  • Previous government put political appointees in charge of GLCs although they lacked capability 
  • Some ambassadors also were not qualified
  • Appointees were party supporters who were inefficient, yet paid high salaries
  • Projects under their management failed
  • Under PH, chief executives or directors of GLCs will be those truly professional and experienced in management
  • No high salaries, but reward with big bonus if perform well

Politically-appointed Malaysian diplomats will be among those who will be shown the door, Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad said today during a press conference held in Jakarta, Indonesia, when asked about the changes involving those heading government-linked companies (GLC).

“There are many of them, I can’t be specific. Many of them are political appointees, including envoys.


“More than 17,000 people were appointed but have no qualifications but they were supporters of a political party,” Dr Mahathir said.

He said the heads of GLC were appointed by the Barisan Nasional administration because they were supporters of the party and not based on their capabilities in business and management. Despite this, they were getting a high monthly salary, he added.

“They don’t have the efficiency to lead the GLCs and were paid highly. In the end, we found out that there were failures in the projects under their management.


“That is the reason that we have to change them. We need professionals with enough qualifications to lead the GLCs, not those tied with any political parties including the ruling party. These people will be able to manage businesses professionally,” said dr Mahathir.

Asked about the high salaries paid to the GLC heads, Mahathir said there will be a revision of all their salaries soon.

“They will be given a salary that is not big, but they will be paid a bonus if they perform. The bonus will be big, the salary will not be big,” he said.

– Malaysiakini