After MPSJ’s Capture, ‘Puchong’ the Stray Dog Is Well and Up for Adoption

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Last week, the Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) came under heavy scrutiny when a video was uploaded to Facebook showing the council workers getting into a heated dispute with a couple over a stray dog.

A week on from the incident, ‘Puchong’ the stray dog was found to be alive and in good health when SJ Echo editor Teoh Teik Hoong paid a visit to the MPSJ dog pound yesterday.

Teoh named the dog ‘Puchong’ as the incident happened in the area.

The supposed ill-treatment of ‘Puchong’ caused a controversy on social media as many social media users were quick to judge the council workers for their aggressive capture of the stray, and their physical conflict with the man who tried to stop them.

However, after visiting the MPSJ pound, located in Puchong, Teoh said that the male dog was fine, had no physical injuries and was being treated well since its capture by the council’s dog catching unit.

SJ Echo is a community news platform based in Subang Jaya.

“With the permission of the MPSJ president, we (SJ Echo) have come over to have a look for ourselves,” said Teoh in the video.

“There has been a lot of talk that the dog is dead or injured, but from what we can see, the dog is okay, has no physical injuries, and there is also food and water for it.”

He added that despite the dog being a little disoriented, a veterinary doctor had come to check on the dog and gave it a clean bill of health.

Although the dog is still dirty, like any stray would be, according to the pound officer’s statements, it has been adjusting well at the pound and has been eating the food that is fed to it.

“It’s still a bit dirty, cause it’s a stray, there still is a lot that needs to be done in terms of vaccinations and cleaning up the ticks and fleas I can see sticking out from its body,” said Teoh.

He added that there had been plenty of heated discussions surrounding the capture of ‘Puchong’, but that all parties should “let this matter go to rest and look to the future” so that the dog can be put up for adoption.

‘Puchong’ will be officially put up for adoption, but any individual or organisation that is keen on taking it in will have to get it vaccinated and licensed first.

Last week, on October 3, Koh Tat Meng and his wife Diong Mei Li, entered into a heated dispute with six MPSJ officers while the officers were capturing ‘Puchong’.

Koh and Diong had pleaded with the council workers to not catch the dog and were disappointed at their professionalism, as they shoved Koh and threw foul language at him.

Koh was later reprimanded by the police at his home and was brought to the Puchong Utama police station after the council workers filed a report against him for “getting in the way of their duty.”

He has since made a report of his own and demanded that the council apologised for having him detained. – MMO

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