Aggressor in Viral Video of Traffic Dispute Not from Home Ministry

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An individual who allegedly abuses power.

A man who claimed to be from the Home Ministry in a video clip of an argument along a highway was formerly a member of the Volunteer Corps (Rela).

In a statement yesterday, the ministry said checks showed the man was recruited in February 2015. He was and suspended from his post and was being investigated for alleged misuse of power in May 2017.

“We urge those involved to come forward and make a police report so that the individual can be investigated by the police.

“We would like to remind our staff and other individuals not to misuse our name for their own interests.

“We have also forwarded the video clip to the police force for further action,” it said.

The video, which went viral on social media recently showed the man – who claimed to be a Home Ministry staff – arguing with another driver and blaming him for driving recklessly.

It isn’t clear where and when the dispute took place.

The footage is believed to have been recorded by the occupant of the car.

The car driver claimed that he would lodge a report at the nearest police station for his own safety since the MPV driver had threatened him with a steering lock.

Another video clip showed the driver of a car being “sandwiched” by two multi-purpose vehicles (MPVs).

It also showed the same MPV driver using profanities and demanding the car driver to move aside.

The other SUV was said to have slowed at several occasions to block the car from getting away.