Andy Hui Scandal: Tearful HK Star Says Sorry After His Cheating Video Goes Viral

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Hong Kong singer and actor Andy Hui has publicly apologised to his wife Sammi Cheng after a 15-minute video of him getting intimate with another woman in the backseat of a taxi was uploaded online.

Chinese-language news site Apple Daily had published a video captured by an onboard camera in the vehicle showing 51-year-old Hui kissing and cuddling former beauty pageant contestant Jacqueline Wong.

Wong, who is an actress with TVB, is dating TVB actor Kenneth Ma.


The incriminating video shows the duo holding hands with Wong leaning over to kiss Hui several times.

Following the social media storm surrounding the video, Hui appeared at a press conference yesterday evening, apologising for hurting his wife and loved ones.

“I would like to say from the bottom of my heart to everybody that I am sorry.

“My deep apologies to my family, my friends and those who love me,” he said, amid tears.

He and Cheng tied the knot in 2014 after some 27 years of an on-and-off courtship. The couple does not have any children together.

Hui admitted being drunk on the night that the video with Wong was taken and that it had caused him to have “lecherous thoughts.”

“But I know this is absolutely not an excuse. I deeply regret it.”

Hui said he would be taking a hiatus from showbiz until he “recovers his true self.”

Wong has not issued a statement on the scandal and has blocked all comments on her social media.

Extracts from Hui’s apology:

“I am deeply apologetic because I have made an irreparable mistake that is unforgivable.

I am here to shoulder my responsibility. I drank a lot that night, but that is no excuse for me to make such a grave mistake.

I am deeply remorseful and I cannot accept myself.

After seeing the news report, I felt ashamed, disgusted and sinful.

I asked myself again and again why I couldn’t control myself, and became so lustful.”

“To be responsible, first, I will suspend all my work, until I find my true self, one that is upright.

I will look for ways to improve and be a better man.

Second, psychologically, I find I am ridiculous.

Because of my wrongdoing, my action, the people who love me are suffering and under intense pressure.

I hope all those who have been hurt by me will recover.

My biggest wrong is I have lost myself.

To all those who love me, I have humiliated you with my wrongdoing, I am sorry. Sorry, Sammi.”

Meanwhile, 45-year-old Ma reportedly plans to break off with 30-year-old Wong, a former Miss Hong Kong first runner-up. The couple has been dating for close to four years.

Oriental Daily News reported that TVB was disappointed with Wong over the scandal. The top management of the Hong Kong broadcaster held an emergency meeting on Tuesday and made the decision to “freeze” her with immediate effect.