Anwar Chides Hadi for Claiming That Declaring Assets Is a Communist, Socialist Concept

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Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has taken a swipe at PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang for claiming that declaring assets is a communist, socialist concept. 

The PKR president said he read Karl Marx’s book, Das Kapital, previously, but never came across such a provision in the book.

“I really wish to know which theory in Das Kapital is he referring to which says no to declaring assets.

“I can understand that one should not declare his or her assets if the intention was to flaunt one’s wealth.

Earlier on Friday (July 5), Abdul Hadi claimed that declaring assets, in general, is a communist and socialist theory.

He went on to say that the DAP, which wields considerable influence in the government, may have dreamt of the idea.

Anwar said he found it strange that Abdul Hadi questioned such a move, as PAS had always voiced the need for transparency and anti-corruption in Parliament.

“Perhaps he is worried that the people may question how some PAS leaders have acquired so much wealth. If you declare your assets but later have 200 acres of logging concession in Kelantan, 400 acres of land in Perak and projects in Terengganu, the people will straightaway be able to tell that the individual had abused his power,” he said.

He said PAS had no reason to question the move, as it would apply to all MPs, irrespective if they were in government or otherwise.

Anwar added that when Umar Abdul Aziz was made a Caliph, he immediately declared his and his family’s assets.

“He even declared the national inventory so that the people would know what the government had,” he added.

Umar, who was the second of four caliphs, is considered one of the finest Rulers in the history of Islam. – The Star