Anwar: I am Not Impatient to Become PM

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Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim says he has no ulterior motive or is impatient to be the next Prime Minister by contesting the Port Dickson seat but instead wants to help reform Parliament.

The PKR president said, “My relationship with Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad is amicable and I didn’t harbour any adverse notion when I decided to contest in a by-election.”

Anwar said he had already expressed his intention to contest two weeks ago.

“My aim is to make an inroad into Parliament and help my junior peers in drafting policies and legal frameworks for the benefit of the people,” he said when addressing party members at the Melaka International Trade Center at Ayer Keroh on Thursday (Sept 13) night.

“Even the incumbent for the Port Dickson parliament constituency, Danyal Balagopal Abdullah, had no qualms in vacating the seat for me

“But some within the party seem to be criticising the move,” he said.

Anwar said he encourages freedom of speech but there should be a certain degree of discipline when commenting on the party leadership.

“As the president, my duty is to safeguard the party’s integrity and unity,” he said.

Anwar warned that he would no longer tolerate “nonsense and infighting”.

“I want the grassroots to reject leaders who are arrogant and who have forgotten their humble beginnings in the upcoming party election.


“Oust those who are aloof and materialistic from the party,” he said.

Anwar said PKR’s core struggle was to serve and protect the wellbeing of the rakyat.

“I am telling you all, please discard those who are traitors, power crazy and arrogant when assuming positions like executive councillors.


“Elect those who are consistent with our founding principles and humble, and those willing to serve all races,” he added.

– The Star