Army Sergeant Who Treated Abused Daughter Like a Commando Recruit

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A picture emerging of a religious hypocrite who masked his brutality from neighbours, a military man who treated his child like a commando recruit.

  • Suffering in silence, abused child protected her family and did not confide in anyone about her injuries
  • Soldier father had the girl do push-ups, sit-ups, rollovers, squats
  • ‘Punishments’ were for not reciting prayers before bedtime, making mistakes while reciting Quran, not obeying his instructions
  • Forced the victim to go to mosque, but he rarely went himself
  • He also slapped, kicked and stomped on her
  • Lied to neighbours that he had never hurt his daughter

A neighbour who taught Nur Aina Nabihah Muhammad Abdullah and her 11-year-old brother to recite the Quran said the girl was a fast learner, The Star reported.

“She was supposed to have completed reciting the Quran soon.

“Although she has been with me for two years, she never once confided in me the abuse she endured at home,” she was quoted saying.

According to another neighbour who spoke on condition of anonymity, the father always portrayed a good image.

“In fact, we could sometimes hear him recite the Quran during the night,” the neighbour was quoted saying.

A third neighbour reportedly said he heard the father scolding the girl but she never confided in anyone.

“When we asked her about the swellings and bruises, she would say that she fell from her bicycle,” he was quoted saying.

The Straits Times reported that a neighbour who refused to be named said Aina’s stepmother told her that the father had brought the girl to Perak for treatment in December.

“His attitude was so different whenever we met. Even though he forced his child to follow the neighbours to the mosque, he himself rarely went there.

“What’s regrettable is that netizens wouldn’t stop blaming the neighbours when we have been asking about the bruises on her face but she kept telling us that it was from a fall.

“The father even told us that he had never hurt her,” she was quoted saying.

Aina’s best friend was Putri Aine Sofhylea Mohd Shahjehan and the pair were inseparable, according to the New Straits Times.

“It feels empty without her around. We were always together, every day, at school.

“The last time I met her was last Monday and during recess, she looked like she needed a shoulder to cry on but she never said anything.

Mohd Khidir Zakaria

“I looked at her face and saw that she was petrified. Before school ended, she hugged me tightly and cried,” Putri was quoted saying as tears streamed down her cheeks.

She was devastated when she received news about her classmate’s death on Friday from a teacher at Sekolah Kebangsaan Lukut.

“All I could do is cry, the news is shocking and sad. For three years we were classmates. She was my best friend and my confidante.

“Even though we lived nearby, but we never met after school. Aina told me that she can’t go out and had to always, be present at home,” she was quoted saying.

Putri said she couldn’t believe that her best friend died because she was abused by her own father.

She said Aina was a devoted daughter and never spoke ill of her family. In fact, when asked about her bruises, Putri said Aina would brush it off as an accident.

It is believed that Aina’s soldier father treated her like a commando recruit, having her doing push-ups, sit-ups, rollovers and squats aside from beating, slapping, kicking and even stomping on her.

These ‘punishments’ were meted out because she did not recite prayers before bedtime, made mistakes while reciting the Quran and did not obey his instructions.

On Friday, police seized a chair and belt believed to have been used to beat the child to death, as well as a bottle of ‘air jampi’ (water used for spiritual healing).

It was said that the air jampi was used on Aina to cure her of her stubbornness.

Meanwhile, police say Aina’s brother will be handed over to his biological mother.

The two suspects, the soldier and his current wife, also have two sons aged two and five months. The children will be handed over to the woman’s family.

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