BN Leader Tells Muhyiddin: Resign, Let Agong Decide on Way Forward

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A Selangor Barisan Nasional leader has called for Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin to be a “gentleman” and resign from his post amid speculation that the government is going to declare a state of emergency.

Selangor BN information chief Isham Jalil said this would serve to give the Yang di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah room to decide how best to resolve the political crisis in the country.

“An emergency should be the last option. There are other laws which can be used to contain the spread of Covid-19,” he said in statement today.

Isham said should the King decide against an emergency and the national Budget does not get sufficient support in the Dewan Rakyat, this would mean Muhyiddin would either have to resign or dissolve Parliament, paving the way for a snap general election.

“With the dissolution of Parliament, the King can also appoint an interim prime minister aside from Muhyiddin or he could also reappoint Muhyiddin if he wishes to.

“If Covid-19 has yet to subside, then the 60-day period to hold elections after the dissolution of Parliament as enshrined under the Federal Constitution can be extended with a declaration of an emergency.”

He said during this emergency period, the interim prime minister appointed by the King can administer the country until elections are held.

“My proposal is that to avoid a longer route which also ends with an emergency, it is better for the country and the people if Muhyiddin resigns as prime minister first and leaves it to the King’s wisdom and discretion to decide whether to appoint a new prime minister, dissolve Parliament or declare an emergency.

This, he said, was a more “proper” and “gentleman” way.

Amanah against emergency

Meanwhile, Amanah has added its voice to those opposing the speculated emergency, saying there was no need for such a drastic move to fight Covid-19.

“What is needed is the strengthening of public health initiatives to fight this third wave,” the party said in a statement.

The speculated emergency, they said, was clearly politically-motivated and will only add to the misery of the people.

“Like it or not, an emergency would have negative consequences on the lives of the people, the economy, and also tarnish Malaysia’s image among international investors and the global community.”

Amanah said if Muhyiddin feels he no longer commands majority support, he should resign as prime minister as this was a more responsible thing to do.

“We hope the King will reject the proposal for an emergency and defend parliamentary democracy, and save the constitutional monarchy from being dragged into political games.” – FMT