CCTV Footage Allegedly Shows Vasanthapiriya Taking Handphone

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Teacher who accused student of stealing iPhone apparently did so after viewing CCTV footage which allegedly showed the girl taking the device.

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage obtained from SMK Methodist Nibong Tebal showed M Vasanthapiriya, who committed suicide after being accused of stealing her teacher’s iPhone, had taken the handphone, the New Straits Times reported.

According to the daily, police sources, who confirmed the matter, refused to comment further for fear that it might jeopardise their investigation.

Reportedly, it was learnt that the teacher had seen the CCTV recording and had spoken to the Form Two student about the matter, and she vehemently denied the theft.

“We call for calm and for the people to wait for the inquest proceedings,” the sources were quoted saying.

Police, however, have denied investigations have concluded that Vasanthapiriya had indeed stolen her teacher’s iPhone based on CCTV footage from the school.

Police chief A Thaiveegan said they were unable to identify the thief due to the quality of the footage, the Malay Mail Online reported.

“We need the forensics expert to further enhance (the footage) to see who it is. So until then, we cannot comment. 

“At the moment, whatever people write, or even say about it, it cannot be confirmed,”  Thaiveegan was quoted as saying.

He added that police have called in 30 witnesses to facilitate investigations in the case to date and had called Vasanthapiriya’s friends and family to verify the footage.

Earlier, police said they had completed three investigation papers in relation to the case and handed them to the Deputy Public Prosecutor’s office for further action. However, the papers were returned to police, seeking further information.

It was reported that the 14-year-old had apparently been summoned by three teachers on Jan 24 and was quizzed over the disappearance of the iPhone of one of the teachers at the school. One of the teachers reportedly struck the student for failing to admit to the theft.

The teacher and her husband, who is a teacher from another school, allegedly threatened to lodge a police report. The girl, however, maintained her innocence.

Both teachers sent her home after school and told her father, R Muniandy, about what had happened. However, Vasanthapiriya was adamant that she did not take the iPhone, which was what she also wrote in a suicide note.

The girl tried to hang herself at home the same night.

She was found unconscious but alive by her father, who rushed her to hospital. She died on Feb 1 without regaining consciousness at the Seberang Jaya Hospital.

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