Cops Nab Man in Road Rage Video Seen Smashing Windscreen

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Said to be under the influence of drugs, a motorcyclist smashed the windscreen of a pregnant woman’s car after a minor accident.

The police have arrested a 31-year-old man today after two short video clips of a dispute following an accident in Bayan Lepas had gone viral on social media.

It was reported that the woman was sending her sister to work at a factory and was slowing down to turn right when the motorcyclist hit the left side of her silver Kia Picanto.

One of the videos showed the 27-year-old woman, who works as a bank’s customer service officer, demanding the motorcyclist to follow her to a police station to lodge a report after the accident.

The man reacted by scolding the lady, said to be five months’ pregnant, and damaging her car.

Passers-by and other motorists in the area were shocked by the man’s abusive behaviour.

The footage showed the man attacking the woman’s car with a hammer and a helmet during the 8.42am incident.

The man was said to have fled the scene after damaging the vehicle while the victim lodged a police report at a nearby police station.

The woman’s car window was damaged.

Southwest district police chief ACP A Anbalagan said the suspect was caught three hours after the incident at his home at Bukit Kecil.

“The man has since tested positive for morphine,” he said.

He revealed that the suspect had five criminal offences, including three for drugs, adding that the police were now investigating him for committing mischief and consuming drugs.

It was also learnt that the man did not have a driving licence and his motorcycle had an expired road tax.