Couple Allegedly Went Out as Family with Other Children After Toddler’s Murder

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More details about the couple who were arrested on Sept 10, 2019, for allegedly murdering their two-year-old daughter in their Chin Swee Road flat has emerged.

The New Paper

The murder was allegedly committed five years ago and the corpse of the victim was hidden at home since 2014.

It was allegedly discovered by accident as the male suspect’s brother was looking for food and likely took the corpse out of the fridge.


In the latest update, Chinese daily Shin Min Daily News reported more about the couple’s relationship and the Chin Swee Road unit based on what was found on their Facebook accounts.

However, the couple is not named due to a gag order.

Female suspect’s sisters also stayed in the unit

Shin Min reported that besides the younger brother of the male suspect, the female suspect’s sisters also used to stay in the flat too.

According to the neighbours, the female suspect has two sisters who would stay over with her.

The neighbours described the three of them as being dressed sexily, having tattoos on their arms and appearing confident.

One of the residents also shared that the female suspect would stay with her mother sometimes while one of her sisters continued staying at the unit.

One of the female suspect’s sisters also told a volunteer before that she lived with another sister, whose husband was in jail, her three children, and a teen with intellectual disability.

According to The New Paper, a volunteer who visited them regularly back in 2013 said that two families lived in the unit back then.

The families included the couple and three children, two of the couple’s siblings, and three other children.

Video showed inside of flat

A video and photo that Shin Min found on Facebook showed the interior layout of the unit.


The footage showed that there were three washing machines and a large refrigerator in the cluttered house.

Shaky marriage since 2016

The accused couple also appeared to have faced issues with their marriage since August 2016, based on their previous Facebook posts.

Shin Min noticed that the couple had been sharing photos taken with each other until Aug 12, 2016.

On Aug 28, 2016, the male suspect wrote a lengthy post consisting of 818 words, suggesting a third-party involvement.

In that post, he wrote that he had requested to meet the other man, but the latter had been avoiding him which made him take things out on Facebook.

He wrote that he hoped the third party could stop any behaviour that might affect his family.

He added that he had forgiven his wife for having an affair and she was also trying to move on but the third party did not stop harassing her.

On Aug 30, 2016, he posted twice on Facebook within the same day, accusing the same man of taking his wife away, causing their children to not be able to attend school because of that.

He also said that the other party scolded his children behind his back and asked them to lie that he did not come to their home.

On Oct 8, 2016, the male accused wrote that the family missed his wife and prayed to be strong enough to raise the children and have the strength to live on.

However, it did not appear that the relationship had ended from their subsequent Facebook posts.

On Jan 12, 2017, the female suspect shared a photo with her husband.

Later, on March 28 that year, the male suspect shared on Facebook that his wife gave birth to a baby girl at Singapore General Hospital.

Still went out as a family after the toddler was killed

From the couple’s Facebook accounts, the family still went out for outings after the alleged murder in March 2014.

On March 28, 2014, the couple posted a photo with two girls who appeared to be around two to three years old.

However, a photo taken at the Universal Studio on Dec. 20, 2015, showed the couple with three boys and one girl.

One of the girls in the earlier photo was, however, missing in this photo.

Couple appears children-loving

From their Facebook posts, there were no tell-tale signs that the couple could possibly do anything untoward to their own child.

The female suspect gave birth to another baby boy in 2016 before their marriage supposedly broke down.

Following that, the male suspect mentioned that he was the father to five children only, seemingly leaving out one daughter.

In 2017, the female suspect wrote that she loves children and her children are everything to her.

On Sept 7, 2019, she also did a Facebook psychological test titled, “What type of mother are you?”

The result she got was: “You love your children more than anything else.”

Along with the results, she also wrote that her children are everything to her and they are the reason why she is still able to move on in life.

A friend who has known the couple for six years told Shin Min reporters that he was aware that the couple gave birth to a girl and said that she had gone missing.

There were speculations that the couple had lied to their friends and families, who were likely to have seen this toddler, to hide their alleged crime.

Members of the public also questioned if the couple had registered the birth of this toddler.

Couple committed drug offences in 2018

The Central Narcotics Bureau arrested the couple on June 5, 2018, at the Chin Swee Road unit in a drug raid, along with four other drug offenders.

Another 22-year-old drug offender nabbed in the “drug den” had a four-year-old girl with her in the unit.

Shin Min described that drugs were scattered on the floor and the child could have easily reached it.


At the police station, the girl even cried and pleaded with the police to not take her mother away from her.

According to the court documents that Shin Min retrieved, the female suspect was sentenced to five years and two months jail for drug trafficking, possessing drugs and drug abuse.

According to TNP, court documents showed that the male suspect is facing one charge for rioting and two charges for drug-related offences.

Apart from the drug offences, the male suspect is also accused of rioting at Golden Mile Food Centre in April 2018.

He was involved in punching, kicking and using a helmet to hit another man with four others.

The couple’s other children are all under “stable alternative care arrangements”, according to the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF).

MSF also assured that the agency would provide the necessary support to ensure the children’s safety and welfare, and work closely with the police. –