Runner Evelyn Ang Laid to Rest

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A tribute walk was held for ultramarathoner Evelyn Ang, who had died in a coma after a hit-and-run at a marathon.

Abdul Razak Ghazali

Several hundred guests came dressed in sports attire for her funeral service at Xiao En Centre as a means of remembering Ang for her tenacity in life, running, and her appreciation for all things joyful.

Julie Wong, a road race technical director who was friends with Ang for seven years, said the tribute walk was a way to remember the impact she had on their lives and to symbolise the beginning of a new journey for Ang.

“Evie (Evelyn) wouldn’t have wanted us to spend extravagantly for a run in tribute of her, we made bibs instead that showcase the three things she most believed in – laugh, love, run,” said Wong.

“It isn’t about us running for her today because she would not want us to run for her, it will be about walking her through her next mission.”

“We will be walking or running some 300 metres from the centre to the DBKL (City Hall) crematorium wearing the bibs in her memory,” she said.

Throughout the walk, guests cheered “run, Evie, run” as a final encouragement for Ang.

“She had encouraged so many to continue in their pursuits and races, she taught us to never give up,” said Wong.

“Now is our turn to return the favour.”

Ang’s youngest brother, Arthur, said he wanted to remember Ang as a person who cared and loved sincerely.

“The stories you hear about how she has touched lives cannot be bought with money; Evelyn would want us to remember all the joyful things she has done to make our lives better and not by the fact that she lies in a coffin now,” he said.

“She never believed in buying love or care through material things. No money could buy love or show love.”

“She was sincere and patient, caring and loving in all that she did,” said Arthur.

He added that Ang’s life had taught him to not take for granted the people who loved him.

“She taught me that it was important to set aside time to truly listen and care for people, especially my mother, Evelyn was a busy person, but she was never too busy for our mother,” he said.

“She was ever patient and willing to listen even when my mother nagged us. I’m learning to appreciate how little things like not walking away from a conversation can make such a difference in a relationship with someone.”

Ang was knocked down in a hit-and-run last December 10 during the Klang City International Marathon 2017 and suffered a fractured skull and brain haemorrhage.


Ang, who would have turned 45 on April 13, did not wake up from her coma and succumbed to her injuries peacefully around 1.30am on March 1. – MMO

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