Friends of Murdered Irishman Remanded

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Two people, believed to be friends of an Irishman who was murdered over the weekend, have been remanded to assist in police investigations into the case. 

The duo, a 37-year-old woman and 43-year-old man, were brought to the magistrate’s court this morning for a remand order.

Senior Assistant Registrar Musa Maria Azmi allowed a three-day remand order for the two until Friday.

It is believed that the man was one of the three men who was seen entering the condominium with the victim, Brian Patrick O’Reilly, last Friday at about 9.57pm.

Police are also said to be still on the hunt for a Caucasian man who is believed to be the main suspect of the case.

It is believed that the main suspect, who has since gone into hiding, was the one who wrote a cryptic note that was left near the victim’s body.

The note read: “I respected the police & still do but justice sometimes has to be gained. I hate you Mafia killing scamers. I love my girl & she is dead.”

O’Reilly was found covered in blood in the master bedroom of his condominium unit in MBF Tower at about 5.15pm.

He was found with his hands bound by shoelaces and his feet bound by a piece of cloth.

The 50-year-old’s body was found with slash wounds on his neck, stab wounds on his abdomen and was believed to have been hit with a wok.

The victim, who worked as an information technology manager for a Singapore-based company, had died less than 24 hours before his body was discovered by a real estate agent. – MMO

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