Hadi: I Will Resign and Dissolve Party if I Have Immoral Followers

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PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang has taken a swipe at PKR over its failure to act against Haziq Abdullah Abdul Aziz who had tarnished the party’s image by admitting he was purportedly having a relationship with Mohamed Azmin Ali.

Hadi today said he would dissolve the party if any of its members were proven to be involved in immoral activities, adding that it is only right to reject such leaders.

While Hadi did not mention any names, his remarks at the 60th PAS Youth muktamar in Kuantan today came in the wake of the sex scandal videos implicating Haziq and Azmin.

“Members of the media, please report that PAS rejects any immoral political leaders,” he said in his speech at the Youth wing’s 60th muktamar here.

“If any of my members were like this, I would resign and dissolve the party.

“Morals protects our identity and forms the core of our struggle, our daily lives, and our ups and downs in the general elections.


“For us, morals are the core of the party. We do not want to say names, but ‘siapa makan cili, dia rasa pedas’,” he added, using the popular Malay proverb.

Hadi added that PAS would not hesitate to dismiss any leader found to be involved in immoral activities, “not like parties that think matters of morality can be taken lightly, more so when they are involved in such activities”.

Last Sunday, PKR president Anwar Ibrahim said no action would be taken against Haziq who admitted his involvement in a close proximity video, allegedly with a cabinet minister.

Anwar also said PKR would wait for the outcome of the police investigation rather than make a hasty decision and Haziq before he was proven guilty.

Although the disciplinary board had taken steps to get Haziq to explain his claim, Azmin’s supporters are demanding that his accuser be expelled from the party immediately.

Azmin is also facing calls to take leave from official duties until police investigations into the sex clips are complete.

PAS deputy president Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man yesterday reiterated the party’s stand that a person who confessed to an immoral act must be punished in order to prevent more people from making similar allegations against another person.