Haziq Gets in Touch with Dad, After Keeping Family in the Dark

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Abdul Aziz Ibrahim, 53, says his son, Haziq Abdullah Aziz, called him several days ago with the message: “Dad, I am okay. Do not worry about me”.

“He called me to tell me that he was safe and we do not have to worry about his safety,” said Aziz.

“He was using a different number to call me. We have tried many times to call his number since June 11 (the day the video went viral) but could not get through until now,” he said.

Aziz had on June 11 received a call from Haziq when he was told by his son that he was going to Paris for a work-related matter.

To a question, he said he only knew that his son was still in the country based on news reports as during the phone call, Haziq did not reveal his whereabouts.

Following the call, Haziq’s family could not reach him for the next few days.

The turmoil, anger and lingering questions surrounding the incident made Haziq’s mother sick, Aziz said.

“What news we get are all from the (various) media,” he said, adding that Haziq has not told the family anything.

When asked if Haziq cut himself from his family because he was embarrassed to face them, Aziz said he has no idea.

Aziz, who still refuses to give lengthy interviews, is also lying low with the rest of his family at his father’s house in a Malay village in another part of the city.

The family have temporarily moved out of the family home in Petra Jaya to avoid prying neighbours.

“I am not ready. My wife is not well enough,” he said.

Haziq was sacked last week as the principal private secretary to Deputy Primary Industries Minister Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin after his confession that he was the man in the sex video.

Azmin, also the PKR deputy president, has denied the allegation, prompting Haziq to issue a challenge to Azmin to take legal action against him.

However, Azmin’s lawyer N Surendran said the minister would not react to such “taunts” nor respond to such “attention-seeking” baits.

“Instead, all legal responses will be done as we see fit, according to our time-table and not that imposed by others,” he said.