Heart-Wrenching Funeral of Teen Killed by Falling Chair

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Schoolboy laid to rest while hunt for the hand who hurled the killer chair from the upper floor intensifies.

S Satiswaran, 15, whose life was cut short on Monday when he was hit by a chair thrown from the upper floor of a block of low-cost flats, was laid to rest yesterday.

Some 300 people, including relatives, friends and schoolmates, turned up at the Seri Pantai People’s Housing Project in Pantai Dalam to pay their last respects.

The funeral started at about 10am at the teenager’s home on the 16th floor of Block 102, where the air was heavy with the scent of burning incense and filled with the sounds of mourners sobbing.

Ahmad Zamzahuri

During the final rites, Satiswaran’s mother, S Kasthuri Bai, 45, was beside herself with grief, wailing uncontrollably, while his father K Sathiasilan, 45, and brother Yogeswaran, 18, appeared calm.

At 2.20pm, the boy’s body was taken away in a casket carried by his family members and friends, to be buried at the MBPJ Damansara Hindu Cemetery at about 4pm.

One of the residents, a man in his 60s who turned up at the funeral, said the management needed to do something about the hazards at the flats, The Star reported.

“There is junk everywhere. People just leave trash and discarded furniture around.

Halim Salleh

“We pay RM48 monthly for maintenance but things like the elevators break down regularly and old people like me are forced to use the stairs,” the man who only wished to be known as Ganesan was quoted saying.

Satiswaran’s paternal grandfather, retired canteen worker R Krishnan, 76, said he hoped the culprit who threw the office chair would be caught quickly.

“I live on the 21st floor, and for several days I had seen the chair abandoned outside the corridor. But I never would have thought it ended up claiming my grandson’s life,” he told the Malay Mail.

Krishnan said this was the problem with many residents in PPR Sri Pantai, whom he described as either being too lazy to throw out their garbage or were unconcerned if their rubbish would end up injuring someone.

“In all my years living here, I always go downstairs to throw my own garbage. Even my painful back condition has not prevented me from doing so. What excuse do others have?” he said.

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