‘Hungry Dad’ Pleads Guilty to Splashing Own Children with Hot Water

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A Magistrate’s Court has set Feb 12 for mention in the case of a father who pleaded guilty to two charges of splashing hot water at his son and daughter.

Prepaid card salesman Eddy Noramin Ramli, 41, pleaded guilty to the charges read to him in court on Thursday (Jan 10).

Dubbed the “hungry dad” by the media, the father of four was charged with splashing hot water on his son and daughter at a flat at Kampung Melayu in Ayer Itam.

According to the facts of the case, the police received a report that an eight-year-old girl was splashed with hot water by her father at 3.30pm on December 28.

She was taken to the Penang Hospital for treatment that day.

It was later revealed that her 10-year-old brother also suffered burns on his thighs in the same incident.

The boy was placed in the state welfare department when his parents fled their homes after the girl was admitted to hospital.

A welfare worker noticed burn marks on the boy’s thighs and lodged a police report on January 2.

It is believed that Eddy had lost his temper when he arrived home late on December 28 to find his children had eaten his dinner.

He had allegedly woken them and scolded them before splashing hot water at them.

He and his wife fled their home after the girl was taken to the hospital by a neighbour and a police report was lodged.

They were arrested on January 6 to assist in investigations and his wife was released after that.

DPP Yasinnisa Begam Seeni Mohideen prosecuted the case.

Eddy’s lawyer Edmund Anthony Hermon pleaded for the bail to be lessened as his client earned only RM500 and was the sole breadwinner of the family.

He also pleaded for the court to take into consideration the medical report, which was not yet available at the time.

Magistrate Rosnee Mohd Radzuan allowed bail of RM15,000 for each charge in one surety with an additional condition that the accused be barred from being near the victims.

Eddy was charged under Section 324 of the Penal Code and faces up to 10 years in jail and whipping.

The court fixed February 12 to deliver his sentence pending medical reports.

As of press time, it is uncertain whether payment for the bail had been made.

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