India Tells Malaysia to Stop Making Remarks on Kashmir

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Putrajaya should keep in mind the friendly relations shared by both countries and desist from making remarks on Kashmir.

The Economic Times reported that Indian External Affairs spokesperson Raveesh Kumar made the comments at a briefing today.

“Jammu and Kashmir signed the Instrument of Accession like all other princely states.

“Pakistan invaded and illegally occupied parts of Jammu and Kashmir.


“The government of Malaysia should bear in mind the friendly relations between the two countries and desist from making such remarks,” he said.

Raveesh was referring to Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s speech during the recently concluded UN General Assembly.

“Now, despite UN resolution on Jammu and Kashmir, the country has been invaded and occupied. There may be reasons for this action, but it is still wrong.

“The problem must be solved by peaceful means. India should work with Pakistan to resolve this problem. Ignoring the UN would lead to other forms of disregard for the UN and the rule of law,” said Mahathir.

Although Mahathir did not overtly side neither Pakistan nor India, which are both claiming control over the region, it is generally seen by supporters of either side as criticisms against India.

India had abolished Article 370 of the Indian Constitution which gave special autonomy status to Jammu and Kashmir. Article 370 explicitly stated that it was a “temporary provision”.

After the law was removed, civil unrest erupted in the territory, fuelled by a protracted military conflict in the region between Pakistan and India.

The matter is compounded by local sectarian strife between Muslims and Hindus. The region is the only Muslim-majority state in India.

Currently, the Indian-controlled portion of Jammu and Kashmir is under curfew with tens of thousands of military personnel stationed there.