Jamal: Please Delay Charity Restaurant’s Shutdown

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The runaway politician made the appeal to authorities, saying he needs a new location.

Fugitive Red Shirts leader Datuk Seri Jamal Md Yunos has asked authorities to delay the shutting down of his charity restaurant in Kuala Lumpur as he needs time to find a new location.

Jamal asked the Federal Territories land administrator to defer the order for his Restoran Gabungan NGO 1 Malaysia (RGN1M) restaurant at Jalan Pahang in Kuala Lumpur to be closed down by June 18 to a “more suitable time.”

“The delay is on the grounds of giving us space and time to carry out the process of finding a new location to move things and equipment currently at RGN1M Jalan Pahang.

“Besides that, the workers at RGN1M Jalan Pahang have already started going on leave to celebrate Hari Raya that is expected to be on this Friday,” he said in a statement today where he described himself as the restaurant’s owner.

He said that the restaurant has never made any profit throughout its operation and was set up with the intention of providing free lunches to help alleviate the burden of city folks.

Yesterday, the RGN1M Facebook page informed its followers that it has received an eviction notice from the Federal Territories Land and Mines Office.

The letter dated June 8 said the restaurant was found to have violated the National Land Code 1965’s Section 425(1) as it was occupying government land without permission from the authorities, adding that the restaurant’s owners must demolish all structures on the land and empty the lot by June 18 (next Monday).

The letter said enforcement operations to clear the lot could take place any time after June 18, and the authorities will not be responsible for any property damage or losses suffered during the operations.

The letter stated that failure to comply could result in an RM500,000 fine or a maximum five-year jail term, adding that no appeals will be entertained.

Jamal opened the restaurant in October 2016 as part of his free food programme aimed at feeding the poor and underprivileged. This is his second restaurant, the first is in his hometown of Sekinchan, Selangor. – Malay Mail