Jamal Taunts Cops with ‘Catch Me if You Can’ Video

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Runaway politician Datuk Seri Jamal Yunos claims he is still in Malaysia and takes a dig at the authorities for wasting their time looking for him overseas.

In a two-minute video uploaded to YouTube, which was dubbed with a phone call recording, the Red Shirts leader said he was aware that Home Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin had requested the assistance of foreign enforcement agencies, including Interpol.

“It is a waste of time and Interpol doesn’t have to entertain the request as my crimes are not serious, not to the extent of threatening the life of another person.

“I only committed minor offences, including protesting against the Better Beer Festival by breaking beer bottles in front of the Selangor state secretariat building,” he said.

He added that his offences were punishable with only minor fines if convicted.

“It is up to the Government to ask Interpol (for assistance) or to cooperate with other countries, but to me, I am still in the country.

“The Immigration director-general also stated that there was no record of me leaving the country.

“It doesn’t matter where they claim I am now. The most important thing is I didn’t break any of the nation’s laws,” he claimed.

Police have launched a manhunt called Ops Tutup to find the Sungei Besar Umno chief who was believed to have fled to Indonesia.

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