JJ’s Stepsister Tells Court His Children Continue to Support Her After His Death

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Late minister Jamaludin Jarjis’ stepsister told the High Court here that her niece and nephew continue to give her allowances and pay her medical bills, after her brother died in a 2015 helicopter crash.

Khairiah Ali said money was paid by Nur Anis Jamaludin and Ikwan Hafiz Jamaludin through three companies, of which they are directors. The companies are Kilang Sawira Makmur Sdn Bhd, Teras Dara Konsortium Sdn Bhd and Wira Digital Sdn Bhd.

She said the siblings had transferred more than RM621,000 in allowances between 2015 and 2016 and more than RM158,000 in medical bills to her Maybank account.

Khairiah, during cross-examination by the siblings’ lawyer Chew Chang Min, also admitted that she asked Ikwan, on Whatsapp, to lend her a sum of RM100,000 on Sept 9.

Chew had asked her why she had sought RM100,000 recently despite Anis and Ikwan giving her RM400,000 since July.

“I have debts with many people,” she said in testifying in the lawsuit her mother, Aminah Abdullah, had filed against Anis and Ikwan.

In her suit filed on Jan 3, Aminah claimed her two grandchildren, as joint administrators of Jamaluddin’s estate, had failed to include the shares in three companies as inheritance in the list of assets in the letter of administration and that they had also failed to enter the shares as a liability since July 6, 2017.


The shares in question are in Rantai Wawasan Sdn Bhd, Alpine Motion Sdn Bhd and Ivory Insights Sdn Bhd.

Aminah said in her lawsuit that if her grandchildren failed to transfer the companies’ shares, a court official should be authorised to execute the task in favour of the joint administrators.

Khairiah also said that Jamaludin had given her and Aminah RM15,000 every month, when he was still alive.

From that sum, she said RM7,000 was spent on her dialysis treatment and medicines.

“He told me that he will pay for everything after I underwent an organ transplant operation,” Khairiah said.

She told the court she was not aware that Ikwan had filed an application to the Shariah High Court here to obtain an order for faraid, or wealth distribution in 2016.

Khairiah said Ikwan had gone to Aminah’s house on Nov 22, 2016, and told Aminah to put down her signature on a document from the Shariah Court.

“I cannot recall if Ikwan sought permission from my mother before going to the Shariah Court to get the ‘faraid’ order,” she added.

The hearing will resume on Feb 6 and 7, 2020 before High Court judge Mohd Firuz Jaffril. – FMT

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