Kelantan Palace Revokes Ex-Tabung Haji Chairman Azeez’s Datukship

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The Kelantan palace has revoked the “Dato” title that Baling MP and former Tabung Haji chairman Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim received from state ruler Sultan Muhammad V.

A letter dated April 2, 2019, affirming this has been making the rounds on social media.

The letter, sent to Azeez’s home in Bandar Sunway, prohibits him from using his “Dato” title, as well as from engaging in activities related to the title.

Azeez also has to return the award to the Kelantan palace in Kota Bharu immediately, the letter added.

Azeez received the award on Nov 13, 2016, from Sultan Muhammad in conjunction with the state ruler’s 47th birthday.

At the time, Azeez said the award was “the most priceless recognition from the state government”.

Azeez currently has a Dato’ title from the Pahang palace, as well as a “Datuk Wira” title from Melaka,” “Dato’ Paduka” from Kedah, “Datuk Seri Panglima” from Sabah, and “Datuk” from the Malaysian government.

Earlier this year, Azeez claimed trial to 12 charges of corruption and money laundering in government projects, including accepting bribes and money laundering.