Main Suspect in Irishman’s Murder Fled the Country

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Irishman might have been killed in an act of revenge over a money game scam.

  • Killer’s sister believed to have been conned
  • Of two people who knew victim detained, one a 37-year-old Chinese female insurance agent, the other a 43-year-old Indian man who sells beer 
  • O’Reilly befriended killer and two accomplices at his favourite bar in Penang
  • The trio believed to be Caucasians
  • Murder suspect likely fled to Thailand by road
  • Police working with Interpol to track killer down

A Caucasian man considered the primary suspect in the murder of an Irish national in Penang last week has fled the country, according to the police.

Penang police chief Commissioner Datuk T Narenasagaran was quoted saying that the police are working with the International Criminal Police Organisation (Interpol) to track him down.

“The suspect left the building in an Audi, carrying a suitcase. He was last seen going out from the building where victim Brian Patrick O’Reilly, 50, was staying,” he was quoted as saying by The Star.

Sayuti Zainudin

“He is key in our investigation.”

It is believed the suspect was the person who wrote a cryptic note left near the victim’s body, which read: “I respected the police & still do but justice sometimes has to be gained. I hate you Mafia killing scamers. I love my girl & she is dead.”

Based on the note found at the scene of the crime, investigators believe O’Reilly was involved in a money scam which may have seen the perpetrator’s sister conned and his murder was an act of revenge.

Yesterday, two people believed to be O’Reilly’s friends were remanded for three days to assist in police investigations into the case.

One of them is a 37-year-old Chinese female insurance agent while the other is a 43-year-old Indian man who sells beer and liquor door-to-door.

Reportedly, the detained man knew O’Reilly well as he had supplied him with drinks. The man told the police that he saw the deceased with two other “white men” at a bar last Thursday and had given the three of them a ride home.

The man met O’Reilly again at 6.23am on Saturday to deliver more drinks to him. The victim paid about RM100 for his order of 20 cans of beer and that was the last time they met.

Later that day, a real estate agent came to meet O’Reilly to collect his office keys for an air-conditioning maintenance job. He had tried to contact O’Reilly on the phone but failed.

He told the police that a Caucasian man had come out and informed him that O’Reilly was “unwell” and that “all appointments have been cancelled”.

The agent tried calling O’Reilly on Monday but to no avail. Suspecting something amiss, he then opened the apartment door with the help of a locksmith.

It was reported that investigators who were first on the scene said O’Reilly’s body was “rapidly decomposing”. The coroner later ruled that he had been killed 24 hours before 10pm, March 3.

According to Free Malaysia Today (FMT) news portal, a source close to the investigation said “two or three men” probably of Caucasian descent were likely involved. One of them is believed to have murdered O’Reilly at his 12th-floor MBf Tower apartment on Saturday (March 2).

The victim suffered blunt force trauma to the head, with a large cut on his neck and a stab wound in his lower abdomen.

Citing an unnamed source, FMT reported that investigators believe the deceased had befriended the murder suspect at his favourite bar in town along with two others who were probably the killer’s accomplices.

O’Reilly had moved to Penang on Feb 4 to take up a job as an IT manager at a Singaporean firm.

The murder suspect was spotted on CCTV footage at the lobby of O’Reilly’s upscale apartment in Northam Road.

The man, who was seen carrying a duffel bag, asked a woman for directions to town. He then asked her to drop him off there so he could “get on a van to Thailand”.

The source said the woman agreed and dropped the man off as requested. With two other men, the murder suspect had likely entered Thailand through a border crossing up north, about two hours’ drive from Penang.

A source at the Irish embassy in Kuala Lumpur said it had notified O’Reilly’s family and that embassy officers would be travelling to Penang to gather more information, The Star reported.