Malaysian Boy ‘Tortured’ by Mother in Paris for Refusing to Dance

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A Malaysian woman is currently under police custody in Paris over claims that she had ‘tortured’ her own son.

  • Boy part of a professional dance troupe
  • Hospitalised with third-degree burns on wrists, buttocks, legs
  • Claimed mother poured boiling water on him
  • Mother arrested for “torture and act of barbarity of a minor”, facing 30 years in jail

The boy, 11, was allegedly scalded with boiling water after he refused to dance at a performance. He reportedly suffered third-degree burns and required hospitalisation.

The boy was reportedly part of a professional dance troupe which was supposed to perform at a reception at the hotel.

French newspaper Le Parisien, in its report, said the incident occurred on Tuesday night at the Adagio Paris hotel, when a receptionist noticed the boy at the lobby area.

The boy, said the report, was dressed only in his pyjamas.

“He went back and forth in his pyjamas. He looked frightened,” a witness was quoted as saying.

The boy’s mother showed up not long after and began shouting at the boy. The child the sought refuge under the front desk counter, near the receptionist.

According to the report, the child rolled up his sleeves and showed the receptionist his injuries.

The report said he had multiple burn marks on his wrists, legs and buttocks.

The boy explained that his mother poured boiling water on him when he refused to dance.

The receptionist then summoned the police, who took the boy’s mother into custody.

Media reports, quoting the police, say the boy was “very badly burned.” He was hospitalised after sustaining third-degree burns.

The boy’s mother, 46, is now under police custody for “torture and act of barbarity of a minor under 15 years of age”

If she is charged and convicted, she could face a prison term of up to 30 years.

The New Straits Times contacted the Malaysian embassy in Paris, which confirmed the incident.

Malaysian Deputy Chief of Mission to France, Mohamad Razdan Jamil, said the French authorities have assured that the boy is in good hands and in the care of the French Social Services.

Razdan said the embassy was contacted six hours after the incident by the woman’s nephew.

“The embassy is unable to meet him as investigations are still ongoing. A request has been made and we are awaiting for an appropriate time to meet the boy.

“As for the mother, the police need to complete the initial investigations before we are able to meet her, subject to her agreement.

“We have conveyed the same information to the family back in Malaysia,” he said. – NST