Malaysia’s Hottest DJ Leng Yein Allegedly Battered by Ex-Boyfriend

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In an emotional post accompanied with bloody photos of herself on Facebook, DJ queen Leng Yein claimed that she was physically abused by her ex-boyfriend.

  • Ex described as “powerful” and “close to police and law”
  • Allegedly threatened to kill DJ and her sister
  • Touted as Malaysia’s social media queen, has more than 3 million FB fans
  • Born in Kuantan, 2003 Miss Malaysia finalist, racy car model
  • Said to have a reputation for flaunting her looks
  • Also famous for multiple cosmetic surgeries, including breast enhancements;
  • Has a fashion line and ventures in entertainment industry
Leng Yein/Facebook

The photos, which were uploaded to her official Facebook page yesterday, show her head, hands, face and legs covered in blood.

Leng Yein/Facebook

In the lengthy post, the 33-year-old said the person, whom she described as “powerful” and “close to the police and law” had roughed her up in their two-year relationship.

She detailed verbal threats made by her ex, including a suggestion that he could kill Yein and her sister, Leng Sean, a local social media influencer.

Yein said she wanted to share her story to prevent other women from falling victim to domestic violence.

“This is wrong.

“And I am going to finally do something about it,” she wrote.

About four hours before her post, the deejay had live-streamed an argument she had with her ex-partner, which lasted for about 10 minutes.

The pair were seen yelling at each other before Yein locked herself in the bedroom and broke down in tears.

Claiming that her ex-boyfriend had tried to force his way into her room, she wrote status updates seemingly in distress, pleading with her followers through messages, such as “Help me” and “He locked my Wi-Fi help me”.

Leng Yein/Facebook

However, the photos of her injuries that she shared do not appear to be current.

Leng Yein/Facebook

The image of her head wound, which bloodied her hands and hair, showed her hair dyed blonde, while the colour of her hair during the live stream was pink.

Leng Yein/Facebook

Other photos showed bruises and cuts to her face as well as limbs.

Leng Yein/Facebook

 “I am not afraid of the TRUTH. This is NOT LOVE. Domestic violence is NOT RIGHT,” she later wrote.

Yein explained on Facebook that she broke up with her boyfriend before undergoing surgery recently.

She flew to Taiwan for an operation after apparently having a severe allergic reaction to eating seafood in Singapore two weeks ago. It was reported that the virus had caused her body to develop pus around her neck and back.

Touted as Malaysia’s social media queen, Yein has more than 3 million fans on her Facebook page.

Leng Yein/Facebook

She is also famous for undergoing multiple cosmetic surgeries, including breast enhancements.

With a reputation for flaunting her looks, she was a 2003 Miss Malaysia finalist when she was 18. She began modelling at the same age and competed in pageants for several years.

Leng Yein/Facebook

For a time, she was considered Malaysia’s “car queen”, courtesy of owning a pink Hummer and doing a number of racy shoots for motoring magazines.

A popular figure in Malaysia for over a decade, the Kuantan-born personality has a fashion line and various other ventures in the entertainment industry.

Meanwhile, some sceptical netizens say she is faking it to maintain her fame.