Man Run Over by Oil Tanker Lorry in Johor Road Rage Incident

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A case of road rage took a horrific turn in Segamat, Johor on Monday when an irate man attempting to confront the driver of an oil tanker lorry was run over and crushed by the heavy vehicle.

The entire event, which occurred on Jan 22 along Jalan Seremban-Segamat near the Jalan Tasek Alai junction, was caught by the dashcam of a nearby car – and the footage has since gone viral on social media.

In the 31-second video, two men on a motorcycle are seen riding alongside an oil tanker lorry. The pillion rider appears to be gesticulating towards and exchanging heated words with the tanker lorry’s driver sitting high in the lorry’s cab.

After about 10 seconds, both vehicles slow down but do not come to a stop. At this point, the pillion rider, clad in a pink shirt, leaps from the motorcycle and runs alongside the oil tanker lorry. After running for a metre or so, he hops onto the side of the tanker lorry’s cab, trying to yank open the door. He tries to hold on to the cab’s door handle, but loses his grip and balance, and falls onto the road and under several of the 14-wheeler’s giant tyres.

The pillion rider survived the incident, but his legs were horribly crushed. He was sent to the Hospital Daerah Segamat for treatment.

According to Segamat Police Chief Superintendent Raub Selamat, who spoke to Sinar Harian, the incident was triggered when the tanker lorry driver honked at the motorcycle, causing both men on the vehicle to become furious.

This escalated to a war of words, which led to the pillion rider’s rash action. – NST