Mat Rempit Who Attacked Ambulance Driver Arrested

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One of them a schoolboy, three alleged assailants of an ambulance driver and nurse were surrendered to police by their own families.

  • Mat Rempit involved in illegal racing obstructed traffic
  • Refusing to give way, rammed ambulance, blocked its path
  • Hauled driver out, punched him, knocked down nurse
  • After sending patient to hospital, driver received four stitches for injury

The three ‘Mat Rempit’ alleged to be involved in an attack on an ambulance driver and a nurse on Sunday night have been remanded until Dec 22.

Taiping district acting police chief Supt Razman Ab Hamid said the trio, including a student, are aged between 17 and 20.

He said the families of the youngsters handed them to the Taiping police district headquarters on Monday night.

In the 1.40am incident on Sunday, the 53-year-old ambulance driver and a nurse were assaulted by a group of Mat Rempit when they were asked to give way through the vehicle’s speaker after obstructing the traffic near the Taiping Utara toll plaza.


It was reported that the driver, who declined to be identified over fears for his safety, was with a medical assistant and a nurse, to transport a patient to the Taiping Hospital from the Parit Buntar Hospital.

The group of four to six motorcyclists were believed to be involved in illegal racing.

Apparently angered by being asked to give away, they rammed into the ambulance, resulting in one of them falling off his bike.

According to the driver, the group then blocked the ambulance’s path by surrounding the vehicle with their motorcycles.

The teenagers then opened the ambulance door, pulled the driver out and started punching him on the face and body. The female nurse who was attending to the patient in the ambulance attempted to break the fight but was knocked down by the youths.

The commotion attracted the attention of other motorists, causing the assailants to flee.

Despite his condition, the driver managed to continue driving and send the patient to the hospital before returning to Parit Buntar to seek treatment for his injuries.

He received four stitches on his eyebrow.

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The driver revealed that the location of the incident is a favourite spot for Mat Rempit to conduct illegal races involving both motorcycles and cars, particularly on weekend nights.

“I always use that road, and I usually see a group of Mat Rempit and cars racing there during weekend nights, from around midnight until 3am in the morning,” he was quoted as saying.

The case is being investigated under Section 147 for rioting which carries a maximum penalty of two years’ jail and a fine.