MCA Denies Avoiding BN Supreme Council Meetings

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We can even meet tomorrow on BN dissolution, MCA tells Umno.

MCA president Wee Ka Siong has rubbished Umno acting president Mohamad Hasan’s claims that the party had been reluctant to attend Barisan Nasional (BN) Supreme Council meetings.

Mohamad had alleged this had forced Umno to either meet MCA or MIC separately and on an “ad hoc” basis because MCA did not want the press “asking questions”.


“MCA is afraid that if a supreme council meeting is held, it would be forced to table its resolution of dissolving the BN coalition. And they do not want the press asking them about it,” he had said after a forum.

Wee said the statement was inconsistent with the facts, giving a timeline of the events since MCA’s referendum on dissolving BN.

At its annual general member (AGM) on Dec 2, 2018, MCA passed a resolution for BN’s dissolution and for a more effective coalition to be forged. This following the BN’s dismal performance in GE14.

Wee said MCA sent a letter on Dec 12 to the BN secretariat asking for a supreme council meeting to be held and to submit the resolution. This was when Ahmad Zahid Hamidi was still Umno president.

But on Jan 4, 2019, when Mohamad was already Umno acting president, Wee said MCA was notified that a BN supreme council meeting would be held before Jan 7.

Later that day, however, Wee said MCA was informed through a WhatsApp message that the meeting had been moved to 10am on Jan 10. But on Jan 7, MCA was told the meeting was postponed indefinitely, he said.

Wee said the BN secretariat invited him to attend a media conference to announce the BN candidate for the recently concluded Cameron Highlands polls, where he eventually met Mohamad “unofficially”.

“I briefed the acting BN chairman on the resolution reached by the MCA central delegates.

“He emphasised that a ‘proper meeting’ must be held, meaning a BN supreme council meeting to discuss the matter.”

Wee claimed he also told MIC president SA Vigneswaran several times that once this meeting is held, MCA will present its resolution to dissolve BN.

“MCA never objected to discussing the dissolution of BN or convening the BN supreme council,” Wee said, adding he had always stated this during press interviews and had never evaded the matter in public.

“I welcome the BN supreme council to meet as soon as possible.


“Tomorrow, the day after tomorrow or next week…MCA representatives will table the motion of dissolving BN during the meeting,” he added in a Facebook statement today.