MIC VP and Cameron Highlands MP Sivarraajh Told to Leave Parliament

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Ejected from Dewan Rakyat due to court decision of election corruption and to seek legal advice over the status of his seat.

MIC vice-president Datuk C Sivarraajh was ordered to leave the Dewan Rakyat by the Speaker pending proof that he has filed an appeal against the recent Election Court’s decision to nullify his victory for the Cameron Highlands constituency due to bribery.

Speaker Datuk Mohamad Ariff Md Yusof made the ruling after the matter was raised by RSN Rayer if Sivarraajh had obtained a stay order against the High Court (Appellate and Special Powers) decision last Friday (Nov 30).

“Cameron Highlands, do you have a stay order or not and is the (Court’s) decision subject to such a stay order,” asked Mohamad Ariff.

To this, Sivarraajh claimed that in the Court’s judgement, there were no links to bribery.

High Court (Appellate and Special Powers) judge Justice Azizah Nawawi said DAP’s M. Manogaran, who is the petitioner, had established “beyond reasonable doubt” that bribery was proven during the election.

Sivarraajh told the Speaker that he has 14 days to appeal the Court’s decision.

“If I fail (the appeal), …I haven’t checked if I can come to the Dewan or not. But I have 14 days.

“What I don’t understand is we have a Finance Minister who has been charged and is (now) a Minister,” said Sivarraajh.

To this, Mohamad Ariff sternly said he needed to decide on the matter.

“Do you have a stay order or not. You better see a legal expert to decide on your appeal. Otherwise, you’re a stranger in this House,” said the Speaker.

To this, Sivarraajh said he will meet his lawyers, get clarification and meet the Speaker after that.

However, Mohamad Ariff said he needed to make a ruling as it will set a precedent.


“Please leave the House, get the stay order, and send the copy to the Speaker’s office,” said Mohamad Ariff.

When met at the Parliament lobby, Rayer said it was public knowledge the Election Court nullified the result of the election for the Cameron Highlands parliamentary seat after finding that voters were bribed to vote for the Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate.

“Therefore I motioned for the Speaker to chase Sivarraajh out as he has no rights to be in the august House.

“Until he obtains a stay order of the court’s verdict, the Speaker has ruled that Sivarraajh a persona non grata,” he told reporters

Meanwhile, Sivarraajh said he would meet with the Speaker to explain the issue.

“As long as the High Court has not submitted a judicial notice announcing the immediate vacancy of the Cameron Highlands seat, I am still an MP.

“That is why I was surprised when Jelutong raised the issue perhaps he needed to ‘show-off’ but no matter I will explain to the Speaker today,” he said.

He pointed out previously Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng was also charged for graft but managed to retain his parliamentary seat during the trial and was even appointed as minister.

“There is no proof that I had bribed during the campaign.

“Even if you want to say it’s bribery, we were taking care of the Orang Asli’s welfare by providing meals as they depended on us…if so then all 222 parliament constituency needed to have a by-election since the same had taken place similarly,” he said.