Msian Cosplay Fan Falls to His Death in Taiwan Dressed as Spider-Man

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An ardent cosplayer devoted to Spider-Man fell to his death allegedly while taking extreme selfie shots at a fifth-floor balcony.

  • Deceased hailed from Kampar, youngest of five siblings
  • Described as happy-go-lucky, jovial, diligent, a Liverpool supporter
  • Joined the Spider Troupe, a cosplay group devoted to Spider-Man

A Malaysian student at Da-Yeh University in Changhua, Taiwan, was found dead at about 6pm on Wednesday outside the men’s dormitory dressed in a Spider-Man costume.

Well-known among his lecturers and peers as a cosplay fan, he is believed to have fallen from the fifth floor of the building, suffering severe head injury and extensive bleeding.

According to police, a student passing by the dorm building found Lee Yang Hao, 29, lying unconscious on the cement floor and notified the university and police.

Lee was already dead when officers reached the scene, police said.

They suspect that the deceased was on the balcony of the fifth and top floor taking selfies when he fell to his death as they found his smartphone set on a self-timer and mounted on a tripod.

They believe he was either posing for an extreme shot while standing on or hanging off the ledge of the rooftop, and accidentally lost his footing or grip and fell five stories to his death.

According to Taiwanese media reports, many teachers and students knew of Lee’s cosplay hobby. He had previously worn to class the green Spider-Man costume he was found in.

One of his classmates questioned by police said that Lee had told him that he was going to take photos.

Da-Yeh University has contacted Lee’s family in Malaysia and will arrange for them to travel to Taiwan.

Lee was the youngest of five siblings.

According to a childhood friend, he had been an ardent cosplayer but had only entered his Spider-Man phase after going to Taiwan to study four years ago, following a stint working in a hotel at Genting.

“He liked the colour red, which could be why he also liked Spider-Man,” 31-year-old Vanness Fan said.

Lee even joined the ‘Zhu Zhu Tuan’ or Spider Troupe, a cosplay group devoted to Spider-Man.

“I knew him since Standard Four. He was also my neighbour. His house is opposite mine at Kampung Sultan in Kampar,” Fan told the Malay Mail.

Fan said he last saw Lee, who was believed to have taken up a course related to the food and beverage industry, when he came home to attend his elder brother’s wedding last year.

“We also keep contact via WeChat. The last I spoke to him was two months ago. He was his usual jovial self. He did not sound out of the ordinary.

“He is a diligent person. He was working in Taiwan to subsidise his studies,” Fan was quoted saying.

Revealing that they used to play football together, Fan said Lee was a football fan when he was in Malaysia and supported Liverpool.