Mujahid: Umno’s Rhetoric on Race, Religion will Push Malays Backwards

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Rejecting Umno’s claim of being defenders of the Malays and Islam.

Addressing Felda villagers last night, Amanah vice-president Mujahid Yusof Rawa said Umno’s brand of racial and religious politics will push the Malays backwards.

Speaking at Pakatan Harapan’s ceramah at Felda Sungai Koyan 1 in Jelai, the de facto religion minister urged the audience to reject such rhetoric.

“If Umno-BN continues to use religious and racial issues (in their politics), I can vouch that this will push the Malays backwards.

“[…] There will be no progress if Umno-BN always uses these issues that cause Malays and Muslims to fear when they see non-Muslims. What good does this bring?

“The Malays will always feel insecure if (they are told) the country is controlled by DAP and DAP is made up of the Chinese. This is the worst,” he said.

In contrast, he said Pakatan Harapan (PH) envisioned a society where all races worked together to build the nation.

Mujahid further rejected Umno’s claim of being defenders of the Malays and Islam.

“How can (Umno) say they protect the Malays when they are taking the money? The person who took the money, now says that we have shamed the Malays,” Mujahid said.

Mujahid revealed last year that Tabung Haji had been illegally paying dividends to depositors since 2014 as its debts were more than its assets. This was in violation of the Tabung Haji Act 1995.

Umno leaders have denied any wrongdoing in Tabung Haji and accused PH of attempting to discredit an esteemed Muslim institution.

“The previous minister in charge and (Tabung Haji) chairperson did not care about Islamic issues. They cared more about their projects!” Mujahid said.

On Wednesday, former Tabung Haji chairperson Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim had been charged with 12 counts of receiving gratification and money laundering.

Mujahid added that Umno leaders are playing on Malay-Muslim fears of DAP and accusing PH of being anti-Islam and abandoning Muslim institutions.

“We want to take care of Islam and the Malays. Has (Federal Islamic Affairs Department) Jakim been disbanded? They slander so that Malays get angry. For 2019, the finance minister has given RM100 million more to Jakim than before.

“They say PH is anti-Islam, but (the government has allocated) RM50 million to tahfiz schools (Muslim seminaries) and RM25 million for sekolah pondok (religious schools).”

These facts disproved Umno’s claims but the party is dependent on religious fear-mongering to survive, Mujahid said.

He urged voters to back PH, which he said was working hard to plug holes in important institutions like Tabung Haji.

“Let people say what they want, let us choose the path of Malaysia Baru.

“We believe the Malays and Islam will be better under Harapan,” Mujahid stressed.

Malay-Muslims are the largest voting bloc in Cameron Highlands at 33.7%.

In the 14th general election (GE14), BN and PAS proved to be more popular than PH among voters in the three Felda settlements in Cameron Highlands, which are almost entirely Malay.

Barisan Nasional (BN) garnered 46.9% of all Malay votes and PAS secured 41.9%, while PH only managed to get 7% of the community’s support.

PH’s GE14 candidate M Manogaran is standing for the coalition again in the upcoming Cameron Highlands by-election.

Meanwhile, BN is fielding former top cop Ramli Mohd Nor, who is an Orang Asli.

The other two candidates are independents Sallehudin Ab Talib and Wong Seng Yee.