MyPPP Claims Kayveas Sacked

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In the latest twist to M Kayveas’ resignation as myPPP president, the party has claimed that Kayveas had been sacked before he announced that he was stepping down.

Party deputy secretary-general Simon Sabapathy said myPPP only received Kayveas’ resignation letter today but the party had decided to sack him earlier, following a letter dated April 24 from Barisan Nasional (BN) secretary-general Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor.

The letter had apparently noted that several actions and statements made by Kayveas had the potential to damage the relationship between myPPP and other BN component parties.

“The letter seemed to imply that myPPP would be requested to leave BN,” Sabapathy said today.

“The party’s Supreme Council had a meeting and decided that Kayveas should not have acted on his own accord on something as important as seat allocations without discussing it with the Supreme Council.

“This is against the party’s constitution and so it was decided that Kayveas would be sacked.”

The statement by myPPP comes soon after Kayveas had alleged that he resigned from the party and all of his posts effective two days ago. His announcement was made through his official Twitter account and Facebook page.

However, the party’s secretary-general Mohan Kandasamy, who first announced today that Kayveas had been sacked, said the party had not received his resignation letter until early today when the decision to sack him had already been made.

Mohan also declared party vice-president Maglin D’Cruz as the acting president effective immediately.

Kayveas, a former deputy minister, became myPPP president in 1993, following long bouts of internal power struggles.

He ruled the party for the next 25 years, and in 2004 became the party’s first elected lawmaker in three decades.

Since then, he has been trying to engineer a bigger role for MyPPP in BN, culminating in the coalition granting them the right to field five candidates in the 2013 polls.

That electoral outing was a disaster for myPPP, except the contest for the Guchil state seat in Kelantan where the party lost by a razor-thin 492 votes.

For GE14, myPPP was allocated only one seat – Segambut – instead of the Cameron Highlands seat which the party has been lobbying for over two years.

Last week, myPPP’s Loga Bala Mohan was announced as the BN candidate for Segambut where he will take on DAP’s Hannah Yeoh.

However, Kayveas said he had not consented to Loga standing in Segambut.

Today, Mohan confirmed that Loga would indeed be contesting in Segambut.

Presently, Kayveas is an adviser to the Transport Ministry, which is a post with a ministerial status.

Meanwhile, Kayveas said he will only address allegations of his sacking after the general election.

“To all media calling me for a response, not that I don’t want to say anything. I will do a press conference after GE14.

“So that focus will be on the elections. That should take priority over this fly which came to sit on my hand,” wrote Kayveas on Twitter.

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