Noh Omar Defies Suspension Order, Chaos in Dewan, Speaker Upholds Deputy’s Ejecting Ruling

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MPs engage in shouting match in front of Singapore speaker.

Tan Sri Noh Omar caused a ruckus at the Dewan Rakyat today after he entered the August House during proceedings despite being barred.

Deputy Speaker Nga Kor Ming, who chaired the sitting this morning, had ruled that the Tanjong Karang MP would be barred for three days beginning today for accusing him of being unfit to chair the August House.

Noh, who was not present when the ruling was made, defied the order and entered the Dewan when fellow deputy speaker Datuk Mohd Rashid Hasnon replaced Nga at the chair.

Realising Noh’s presence, Rashid reminded the Umno MP of the earlier ruling, and asked that he leave the house, but he refused.

“I’m curious, can you actually mete out a punishment without my presence. How am I supposed to defend myself? What policy is this? This is embarrassing,” Noh said, in the presence of the Singapore Parliament speaker Tan Chuan-Jin and his delegate who are on an official visit here.

When reminded to act accordingly in front of the Singapore delegates, Noh said: “We should ask them in fact, have they ever removed someone from the Dewan when the person is not present.”

Noh turned to where the Singapore delegation was seated and asked whether the Singapore Parliament suspended its MPs when they were not present.

“It is good that the Singaporean delegation is here now. They can see for themselves the new Malaysia. The Pakatan Harapan (PH) government makes its decision without applying the rule of law,” he said.

Seeing Noh’s persistence to remain in the house, Rashid asked the Serjeant-at-Arms to carry out their duties and remove Noh.

Noh was adamant on staying. This sparked anger from Pakatan Harapan MPs who demanded that the Umno lawmaker be booted out.

After his instruction for the sergeant-at-arms to remove Noh from the House triggered a quarrel between both sides, Rashid gave in.

“I allow (Noh) to sit until 1pm (lunch break),” he ruled.

This prompted Khoo Poay Tiong (Harapan- Kota Melaka) to protest: “A ruling has been made, how can (you) allow him to sit here?”

Rashid kept looking at the clock and turned off the microphones of MPs who were shouting at each other.

The ensuing chaos between the two benches carried on for a few minutes before Rashid eventually called for the Dewan to break for lunch at 1pm.

The shoutings continued after the deputy speaker left, before all lawmakers eventually made their way out.

Speaker Datuk Mohamad Ariff Md Yusof who presided when the sitting resumed at 2.30pm upheld Nga’s decision to suspend Noh.

Ariff read excerpts of Noh’s remarks yesterday and asked if he admitted to saying Nga was unfit to be Deputy Speaker.

Noh did so but noted that he was expelled while absent.

When he did so, however, Ariff said the suspension Nga meted out this morning was valid.

“Don’t waste time. More lawmakers want to debate and I won’t hear any more of this. This ruling is final,” Ariff announced.

He then instructed the bailiffs to escort Noh out.

This caused renewed argument and Ariff then adjourned the sitting for 15 minutes. 

Noh said he accepted a final decision by Ariff to uphold a three-day suspension order earlier made by Nga.

“I respect the decision made by the current speaker, Dato Ariff, under Standing Order 44.

“But I don’t respect the ruling made by deputy speaker from Telok Intan (Nga) this morning because I was absent,” Noh told reporters at Parliament lobby after finally accepting his suspension order.

“I will not retract what I said in the House (yesterday) that ‘Telok Intan is not fit to be a speaker’…that (remark) was what had caused me to be suspended,” he added.

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