Nora Anne’s Funeral to Be Held in Belfast on Tuesday

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Irish teenager Nora Anne Quoirin, who was found dead in a forest near the Dusun Resort in Negeri Sembilan last month, will be laid to rest after a funeral in Belfast, Northern Ireland, next week.

According to Britain’s Daily Mail, her funeral will take place on Tuesday at St Brigid’s Church in south Belfast, where the 15-year-old was baptised.

Nora’s body was found 10 days after she went missing from the resort where she had been staying with her parents and two siblings.

Hundreds of people, including the police and personnel from the Senoi Praaq unit, Fire and Rescue Department, Civil Defence, Rela and the Forestry Department as well as the local Orang Asli community, NGOs, villagers and hikers, took part in the search operation.

Nora, who was discovered missing from her room on Aug 4, was born with a disorder that affects brain development.

Her family believed she could have been abducted, but police said they found no evidence of abduction or kidnapping.

A post-mortem revealed she died from internal bleeding probably caused by hunger and stress.

The Daily Mail said Nora had lived in London with her French-Irish parents Sebastien and Meabh Quoirin. – FMT