Not Passion but Revenge Motive for Murder of Woman Found in Oil Palm Estate


Said to be having an extra-marital affair, police had previously thought her murder was a crime of passion but now believe they have solved the case, with revenge being the motive.

  • Deceased owed money to two men
  • Suspects took her to estate, attacked her when she failed to keep her promise for debt repayment and tried to run away
  • Suspects led police to recover victim’s personal belongings near the crime scene
  • Deceased’s alleged “lover” and wife to be released

On Dec 1, S Letchumi was found dead by a 60-year-old man who was looking for mushrooms in an oil palm plantation in Taman Permai, Mambang Di Awan, near Kampar. She had multiple injuries, including head wounds and strangulation marks, and was believed to have been killed less than 24 hours earlier.

Marcus Pheong

A postmortem later concluded that she had died of blunt force trauma to her head as a result of being hit repeatedly.

Police had previously said the 28-year-old victim from Bandar Baru Kampar had been a “girlfriend” of a married 46-year-old man, fuelling speculation that the brutal murder may have been a crime of passion.

The man and his wife, also aged 46, were detained on Dec 1 and Dec 2, respectively.

However, the subsequent arrest of two other suspects shed a different light on the case.

The duo, a 54-year-old self-employed man and a 45-year-old fishmonger, were detained on Dec 3.

“The 54-year-old surrendered himself to the district police station at about 11am while the 45-year-old was arrested at his home at Taman Aman at about 10pm.

“Investigations show that the deceased took money from the two suspects after befriending them,” Kampar district police chief Superintendent Ng Kong Soon said.

The Malay Mail reported that it learnt from a source that the victim had been borrowing money from the two suspects and believed they had met up on the day of the incident to negotiate terms for the debt repayment.

“On the day of the incident, they had picked her up from the restaurant in Bandar Baru Kampar where her motorcycle was found and brought her to the estate,” Ng said.

Ng Kong Soon

He also said that Letchumi was attacked when she did not keep her promise and tried to run away.

Both suspects are being remanded until Friday.

“As a result of the interrogation, the police have recovered the personal belongings of the woman, which were hidden in some bushes not far from the scene of the crime,” Ng added.

Police believe they have solved the murder, with revenge as the motive, based on the interrogations of the four suspects.

Ng said that a man, whom police believe was Letchumi’s lover, and his wife would be released from police custody in light of the latest developments.

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