Passerby Stole Dying Schoolboy’s Phone After He Was Knocked Down by Van

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Social media outrage at how a passerby stole a dying boy’s phone while pretending to search for contacts of his loved ones.

A teenage boy clad in school uniform died after he was knocked down in front of the Danga City Mall along Jalan Tun Abdul Razak in Johor Baru.

An eyewitness known only as Harry Cyclone, who posted the incident on Facebook, alleged that a van had hit the boy while he was riding his motorcycle after beating a red light at around 2pm today.

Image via JB Tracer: Johor Bahru Traffic, Crime & Community Service Report Facebook

The victim was believed to be a 16-year-old Form Four student from SMK Aminuddin Baki.

Harry Cyclone claimed that the van driver attempted to escape the scene but eyewitnesses managed to stop him.

He added that it was even more disheartening when a man came up under the pretence of helping to check the victim’s mobile phone for contacts but instead took off with the phone.

“His head was bleeding a lot and all of us were trying to help him and there comes this guy, all of a sudden like checking the boy’s phone to call his parents, but instead he took the phone and ran away,” Harry Cyclone wrote in his Facebook post.

According to Harry Cyclone’s post, the boy sustained severe head injuries and passed away shortly after.

Image via Harry Cyclone/JB Tracer: Johor Bahru Traffic, Crime & Community Service Report Facebook

Apparently, the van driver has since been arrested by the police.

The post was uploaded on JB Tracer: Johor Baru Traffic, Crime and Community Service Report page.

The post and pictures related to the incident went viral and has since caused a stir on social media, with strong condemnation of the thief’s despicable act.

A Facebook user named Alan Cole posted: “What sort of country is this?…a young boy lies dying on the street and some scumbag comes up and steals his phone? WTF Malaysia? Somebody find this animal and drag him to the police station.” along with hashtag #ScumOfTheEarth.

Jasrul Jamaluddin Jengs called the man “heartless” for stealing from a dead person, while Eswarran Visva said she hoped the thief would suffer a similar fate.

Messages of condolences also flooded the Facebook thread, with many offering kind words and their sympathy to the victim’s parents.

Aaron Tan said: “This new year is not happy after all. RIP young boy.”

Latifah Sakinah echoed the same sentiment, adding she could not imagine how the parents must have felt since the victim was young and the school year had only started today.