Police Baffled by Arms Found at POCA Detainee’s Home, Looking into Hired Killer Theory


The large cache of firearms, seized during a drug raid at a double-storey house in Taman Idaman, Simpang Ampat yesterday, have police wondering what the weapons could have been used for.

  • Man, adopted sister, wife arrested
  • Drug pushers, possibly hired killers/arms dealers
  • Male suspect has criminal record of drug-related offences, car theft, rioting
  • Police seized 573.9g heroin, 7g ketamine worth RM11.5k; 4 semi-automatic pistols, 151 live bullets, 3 handcuffs; a car, motorcycle worth RM34.7k
Danial Saad

They are now looking into the possibility that the three people detained; a man, his wife and his adopted sister, aged between 33 and 59, could have been hired killers, apart from their usual drug pushing activities.

Bukit Aman Narcotic Crime Investigation Department director Datuk Seri Mohmad Salleh said police are also investigating if the firearms are for personal use or for sale.

“We are also probing if the main suspect, who is a detainee under the Prevention of Crime Act (POCA) and wearing an electronic monitoring device (EMD), had committed any crimes by impersonating enforcement personnel, particularly the police.

“The unusually high number of firearms seized, along with the 151 bullets and three handcuffs, have raised doubts. It is highly suspicious.

Danial Saad

“We will need to investigate the matter thoroughly,” he told a press conference at the Penang police headquarters today.

Also present were state police chief Datuk Chuah Ghee Lye and deputy state police chief Datuk Roslee Chik.

Police raided the house in Taman Idaman at 3am yesterday after receiving a tip-off of a possible drug pushing activity there.

In the raid, the raiding team seized 573.9gm of heroin and 26.7gm of ketamine, worth RM11,500.

A further check in the premises led the team to the discovery of four semi-automatic pistols – a Baretta, a Colt MFG, a Compact Cz 75D and Cz 2075 – some 151 live bullets and three handcuffs.

Police also seized a car and motorcycle worth RM34,700.

Mohmad said police were also investigating if the main suspect were involved in other criminal activities, besides drug pushing, inside and outside of the state.

He added that the man had a previous record of drug-related offences, rioting and vehicle theft, among others.

“We have the three suspects in custody until Tuesday and will interrogate them further,” he added.

The case is being investigated under Section 39B of the Dangerous Drug Act, Section 7 of the Firearms Act, Section 8 of the Firearm Act and Section 89 of the Police Act respectively.

Section 39B and Section 7 carry the mandatory death penalty, Section 8 carries maximum seven years’ imprisonment and RM10,000 fine and Section 89 carries a maximum six months’ imprisonment and RM500 upon conviction. – NST