Police Nab Laundry Cat Killers

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What is disheartening was witnesses did nothing to stop the killing.

Two of the three men who were believed to be involved in killing a cat by putting it in a clothes-drying machine at a launderette were detained at two separate locations in Gombak early this morning.

According to Gombak OCPD ACP Samsor Maarof, the two men, aged 26 and 40, were detained as a result of intelligence and public information received.

“However, another man who is still at large is being tracked by the police,” he said.

He added that the two men were being remanded for four days beginning today.

Yesterday, Samsor was reported as saying that police were tracking down three men, believed to be locals, to solve the case under Section 428 of the Penal Code for animal cruelty.

The offence is punishable by a fine, or up to three years’ imprisonment, or any combination of the two upon conviction.

A closed circuit TV (CCTV) recording lasting two minutes and 50 seconds which went viral on Wednesday showed two men putting a stray but friendly pregnant cat into the clothes-drying machine of the Taman Gombak Ria laundrette, shutting the door and activating the machine, before walking away laughing.

The incident was believed to have occurred close to midnight on Tuesday.

The entire grisly incident was captured by the laundrette’s CCTV camera and footage of the incident which was widely circulated on social media outraged Malaysians.

The cat’s burnt, battered and bloody remains were discovered by a customer at 10.30am on Wednesday and led to animal welfare activists lodging a police report.

Meanwhile, the Malaysia Animal Association has released the complete personal details of a man the group alleged was one of the suspects who placed the cat in the dryer.

It is unclear how the group obtained the information or whether the person is one of the two arrested.

The details include the person’s name, identity card numbers, address, telephone numbers, home address, and car registration number.

It also appealed to authorities to pursue the person.

Several pictures of the suspects have also been posted online and some showed the presence of other individuals at the time of the killing.

Some Malaysians are angered that the witnesses sat idly by and did nothing when the suspects killed the cat by shoving it into a dryer and turning it on.

“Do you know what is disheartening? When the men placed the cat in the dryer, there were other people at the launderette,” Lyna Amalina posted on Facebook.

She added that these people should be sent to the lockup as well.

Another Facebook user Sha Arieza also questioned the apathy of the other patrons of the laundrette.

“If people continue to not care about what’s going on around them, incidents like this will continue,” she added.