Police to Probe Ibrahim Ali’s Enraged Rally Speech

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Ibrahim calls Waythamoorthy a closet racist who wants to destroy key Malay institutions.

  • Urges Mahathir to sack Waythamoorthy
  • Claims too many Indians in the cabinet, Indians given too much space and are getting big-headed
  • Calls Waythamoorthy a “pig”, “menteri celaka
  • Alleges Malay institutions facing threats, there is a plot to subvert Malay political power
  • Declares Perkasa will ‘run amok’ to protect Malay rights
  • “Warns” authorities that Malays are not to be pushed around
  • Accuses cyber troopers and bloggers insulting Islam “

Police will investigate the speech made by Perkasa founder and president Ibrahim Ali during a rally yesterday and take appropriate action if it was found to be incendiary, said Muhyiddin Yassin.

The Home Minister made the assurance after the right-wing Malay rights leader uttered potentially incendiary remarks in his speech before Perkasa’s annual general meeting.

“The police will investigate statements made by Perkasa president Ibrahim Ali.

“I will leave it up to the police to see whatever statement is made by Ibrahim Ali or whoever is within Perkasa,” Muhyiddin said.

He added that Perkasa had earlier met with authorities and had agreed to abide by the law at the rally.


“They have already met our people and agreed that they will not do what they are not supposed to do, such as inciting or creating more problems,” he said.

The Pagoh MP said police were at the rally and he will leave it to them to decide on the appropriate action.

“Whatever it is, the police were there to observe and now, they have been given the green light to do what has to be done,” he said.

Some 100 Perkasa members staged a rally in the vicinity of The Regency hotel in Jalan Raja Alang, Kuala Lumpur, yesterday.

The Himpunan Jihad Perkasa rally was to call for Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Senator P Waythamoorthy to step down.

This follows accusations by certain quarters that Waythamoorthy had not used his portfolio as the minister in charge of national unity to ensure that there was harmony between the races in the country.

The rally, which began at noon, ended at 2.30pm when the Perkasa members left to prepare for the organisation’s annual general assembly at the hotel.

Ibrahim urged Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to sack Waythamoorthy.

He said that he was shocked as to why the prime minister would appoint the Hindraf leader as a senator and minister.

He then said Indian ministers in the cabinet have become big-headed.

“Remove Waytha as a minister and examine the Indian representation in the cabinet. There are now four ministers and one deputy. There weren’t so many previously.

“Appoint the Malays in Pakatan Harapan. Many of them are capable. The government has given the Indians too much space and now they are getting big-headed. 


“This is the way to teach big-headed people, you will see,” Ibrahim told reporters.

The four ministers he was alluding to are Minister in the Minister’s Department P Waythamoorthy, Communications and Multimedia Minister Gobind Singh Deo, Human Resources Minister M Kulasegaran, and Water, Land and Natural Resources Minister Dr Xavier Jayakumar.

R Sivarasa is the deputy rural development minister.

An insult among a slew of allegations and criticisms Ibrahim hurled against the former Hindu rights activist was calling him a “pig”.

“This Indian Waythamoorthy who do you think prompted the Indian government to issue a statement and in the statement, they said they were concerned by the deaths of women and children,” Ibrahim said.

“There must be a traitor who spread the lie and who else?

Firdaus Latif

B*bi menteri ni (a pig this minister),” he added.

Waythamorthy had been slammed over a video that showed him accusing the Malaysian government of committing genocide against ethnic Indians when he was in Europe.

That video, however, was purportedly recorded ten years ago.

Waythamorthy said he had apologised since.

Ibrahim also lambasted Waythamoorthy over his recent statements on the temple issue.

“Waythamoorthy should instead be the ‘menteri celaka’ (cursed minister) instead of Minister of Unity.

“One minute he’s blaming the police for inaction and the next he has made a U-turn and is praising them, but without apologising for his earlier statement.

“He is a Cabinet member, why can’t he be patient. Because of publicity and to be a populist. To be seen as a hero among the Indian community,” Ibrahim said.On Nov 27, Umno’s Ahmad Zahid Hamidi launched a veiled attack against Waytha, warning the minister in charge of the national unity portfolio not to abuse his position by speaking out on behalf of only one particular group.

He said no one should try to be a hero to a particular race, especially when holding a portfolio for unity.

“He should be fired. I also believe his recent statement led to a group in India to claim there were multiple deaths during the riot. He has tarnished the image of our country.“Because of him, now there is tension between the races. All these while, all the races have been peaceful,” Ibrahim said.

A congregation of supporters shouted insults about Waythamoothy (who was not there) during Ibrahim’s speech.

Waythamoorthy initially claimed that the Subang Jaya police should be probed for being late to arrive to deal with the scuffle which took place at the temple at about 2am on Monday (Nov 26).

However, on Sunday (Dec 1), he lauded the police for the “quick action” and highest level of professionalism in handling the temple issue.

Several leaders and the police have since said it was not a racial incident, but a land dispute between the temple and developer.

A former deputy minister, Ibrahim said his group, which touts itself as championing Malay rights, has supporters whose patience are wearing thin in the face of threats to the Malay institutions, which he further claimed pointed to a plot to subvert Malay political power.

“The Malays have lost their patience,” Ibrahim said.

“Today is just the first round. After this, we will no longer be silent and Perkasa will run amok all over the country,” he added.

It was unclear who or what Ibrahim was directing his warning to.

Instead, he alluded to several incidents, speaking about the riots that broke out at a Hindu temple in Subang Jaya last week, and a proposal for the government to ratify the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD) as examples of an attempt to undermine Malay culture or polity.

“When Adam [sic] was assaulted, we can still remain silent,” Ibrahim said in an erroneous reference to Muhammad Adib Muhd Kassim, the fireman who was critically injured during the Subang riots last Tuesday.

“What if the one that was hurt was a Muthu? Ah Chong? There would have been an outburst. Yet, when Adam was hurt, Malays remained very patient.


“I say enough with being patient. Enough that we are law-abiding when other races can easily transgress,” he added.

However, he was quick to clarify that it did not mean that Perkasa would take the law into their own hands.

He said what he meant by “running amok” was that action would be taken according to the law against those responsible for offending the Malays.

“Malays won’t be quiet. We will make noise, we will rally. Don’t make us lose our patience,” he said.

Hari Anggara

Ibrahim said he hoped that his “warning” would make the authorities realise that Malays are not to be pushed around.

He also said Perkasa will oppose the ratification of ICERD because it is a threat to the constitution and social contract, and declared the treaty as inappropriate for Malaysia.

“The Federal Constitution is the highest, not ICERD. It is not necessary to ratify ICERD. If it is ratified, Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM), Mara and the Malay Regiment will be affected.

“When foreign powers come to Malaysia this matter can be brought to court, this is clear and so we reject ICERD,“ he said.

He also urged Mahathir to retain the Sedition Act 1948.

“The Sedition Act needs to be defended because it is important in maintaining national harmony,“ he added.

“It has to be maintained. You look at all the cyber troopers and bloggers out there now, insulting Islam using fake names. Before when we still had the ISA, action would have been taken against these people.

“If we still had ISA, these people could have been hauled in for crime prevention. I myself have been hit with the ISA twice but I defend it.”

He also thanked the police for keeping the peace at the venue where he was speaking but warned them to also take action on other races.

“They have to be fair to everybody. It’s not only the Malays who have to follow the law.
“If it comes to a time when we have to take the law in our own hands, don’t scold us,” he said.

Police presence at the hotel during Perkasa’s gathering was noticeable.

No outward incidents occurred.