‘Poor’ Ministers with No Assets to Declare

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Neither a house nor a car to their names.

Tourism Minister Mohamaddin Ketapi’s reason for not declaring his assets to the MACC is because that he is “poor”.

The Silam MP told journalists at the Parliament lobby that he did not own a house nor a car.

He said he will declare his assets in future if he had any.

“But as it is now, no – I don’t have. So I got nothing to declare. Poor people don’t have assets,” he said.

Kow Gah Chie/Makaysiakini

Mohamaddin previously blew his top when he was asked to respond to allegations about a minister’s son controlling a government ministry.

He said the allegation was “rubbish” and no minister was “stupid enough” to let it happen.

According to MACC’s website, Mohamaddin is one of three ministers who have yet to declare their assets.

The other two are Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department P Waythamoorthy and Foreign Minister Saifuddin Abdullah.

Waythamoorthy, who was also asked about his assets today, said he didn’t have any, claiming that he had used them in his struggle for the Indian community.

– Malaysiakini