Posters ‘Legitimising’ Syerleena’s Murder Appear on Facebook

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Insane calls to violence.

Seri Delima assemblyperson Syerleena Abdul Rashid is up in arms over malicious Facebook posters “legalising” (menghalalkan) her murder for allegedly betraying Islam and attacking its religious institutions.

One poster, which has gone viral on social media, bears the calls to violence: “Her blood is halal, and it is not a sin to kill her.”

Another poster states: “She betrayed Islam. She ought to be killed, because as a Muslim she is colluding with Chinese infidels (Cina kafir harbi) to attack Muslim institutions.”

Accompanying the poster is an image of her giving a speech, superimposed with the caption “I vow to attack Islamic institutions, especially Jakim (Islamic Development Department), for the sake of DAP.”

Syerleena had previously denied the claims which first surfaced last year, and re-emerged as she went on the 14th general election campaign trail.

According to the DAP lawmaker, the posters containing the threats appeared on the Facebook pages of users Yanz AB Rahman and Fitri AMRR.

A similar poster by a user named Khairul Anwar Ismail said: “I am on standby and I am just waiting for the siren to sound.”

“This is a clear death threat and a threat to my safety,” Syerleena said.

“The worst comment is on a Facebook post by one Ja Gmum, who uploaded the post on July 13, which has been shared more than 379 times.

“I urged the police and the Communications and Multimedia Commission to act swiftly. The situation is serious, I’m afraid if this does not stop soon, my life will be in grave danger,” she added.

Last week, Syerleena lodged a police report over a note bearing a death threat placed in the post box of her George Town service centre.


The handwritten note read “Maut menanti mu” (death awaits you).

She had previously lodged police reports over the accusation that she would fight for Christianity to be the official religion of the country after GE14. – Malaysiakini