Putrajaya to Extradite Six Malaysians Nabbed for RM2M Drugs in HK

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Said to have behaved suspiciously and anxiously, six Malaysians were detained at the Hong Kong airport with four of them having drugs strapped to their bodies.


The Malaysian government will seek the extradition of six citizens arrested in Hong Kong on Nov 29 for allegedly attempting to smuggle drugs worth HK$4 million (RM2.05 million), Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said yesterday.

He said the six Malaysians, aged between 18 to 28, will be brought back to face criminal charges under the Dangerous Drugs Act or any other relevant provision.

“We have mutual legal assistance with China and Hong Kong is an autonomous Chinese territory,” Zahid said during a press conference.

“The cooperation between our police and their police will result in the six of them be extradited back to Malaysia after the Hong Kong customs hands them over,” he added.

Last Wednesday, six members of a sightseeing group from Malaysia were arrested by Customs officers at the Hong Kong International Airport after they were flagged for inspection at the customs clearance counter.

The South China Morning Post reported that four of the six men were found with ketamine strapped to their bodies.

The arrests were believed to have been a first in a long time, with the daily stating that the last instance of such a case involving Malaysians was about 10 years ago.

An initial investigation showed the consignment was for local consumption.

Fears about drug abuse have grown in Hong Kong after police busted 14 people for drugs at the Clockenflap music festival in November.

It was learned that most of the ketamine seized in Hong Kong was smuggled from the mainland.

“We believe a massive crackdown against underground drug manufacturing plants on the mainland led drug dealers to find new source of the drug and use new smuggling routing into Hong Kong,” a source was quoted as saying.

As to why the men joined a tour group, the drug dealers may have believed members of a tour group would receive less scrutiny at a control point on entering the city.

Apparently, the six individuals were being held for questioning and had not been charged.In Hong Kong, trafficking in a dangerous drug carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment and a HK$5mil (RM2.6mil) fine under the Dangerous Drugs Ordinance.