Shahruddin Ready to Resign as Deputy Minister, Return to PH

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Shahruddin contemplating return to PH which he abandoned in February’s “Sheraton Move”.

Bersatu deputy minister Shahruddin Md Salleh has misgivings about his decision to join the Perikatan Nasional (PN) government, following the deepening crisis in his party.

He has reportedly said he is ready to quit the PN government to save Bersatu.

According to a statement attributed to the Sri Gading MP, his love for Bersatu was far greater than his love for its leaders Dr Mahathir Mohamad and president Muhyiddin Yassin who are in a political tussle that has seen Bersatu split into two.

“I want to see Bersatu being a strong and powerful party. My love for Bersatu is much more than my love for Tun (Mahathir) and Tan Sri Muhyiddin. I do not wish to see Bersatu weakened and sidelined while its original members who really (support the party) are cast aside.

Seth Akmal/TMI

“If I have to resign from my position as the deputy works minister then I would do that for the sake of strengthening Bersatu. Then I can use my time to fully focus on the party,” he said.

For the record, Shahruddin’s statement was posted by Muar MP Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman and Bersatu Armada on their Facebook pages earlier today.

Shahruddin was referring to the ongoing troubles in Bersatu which saw both factions denying the legitimacy of each other’s leadership of the party.

Shahruddin also questioned which pact – PN or PH – would afford him a secure future as MP.

“Please tell me honestly. I am now Sri Gading MP. Will it be PN or PH that will, without debate, allow Bersatu to contest this parliamentary seat in the 15th general election?

“PN or PH? That is also the answer to a very important question. Is Bersatu safer in PN or PH?”

Muhyiddin camp has attempted to delegitimise Mahathir’s leadership and nullified the memberships of the latter and four other Bersatu MPs for sitting with the opposition during May 18 Parliament sitting.

Mahathir, meanwhile, has rejected Muhyiddin’s power to appoint a new secretary-general and to deny that he (Mahathir) is no longer the party chairperson.

Shahruddin’s statement came four days after he was rumoured to be leaving the PN government together with another Bersatu cabinet member. The Friday press conference during which they were purportedly going to announce their resignations, however, was cancelled.

The politician, who was Bersatu’s pro-tem secretary-general, also expressed his disappointment with what has happened to the party which he claimed has led to some members wanting to quit it altogether.

“As the party’s first secretary-general, I know all the division chiefs as well as Srikandi (Women’s wing) and Armada (Youth wing). I want to call on all members at the grassroots to not fight each other, an act which will only weaken Bersatu.

“There are those who had been disheartened by all that has happened and even wanting to leave Bersatu. Please, do not do that. Please, Bersatu-lah (unite).

“If I have to leave my friends in PN and return to Pakatan Harapan with a guarantee that Bersatu will be strong and kicking, I am ready to do that too,” Shahruddin said

He also called into question PN’s status as an official coalition.

“As far as I can remember, PH is a formal body registered with and certified by the Registrar of Societies.

“To me, PN is just the name of an unofficial body of parliamentarians who support Muhyiddin as prime minister. PN is not an alliance of parties.”