So Engrossed with Handphone That Woman Lost Her Leg in Lift Mishap

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Extreme selfies have killed, so has texting and driving. In another instance of smartphones controlling our lives to the extent of harming us, a woman engrossed with her handphone was maimed.

In an incident that took place in Conch Building in Zhongshan West Road, Shanghai, a woman was so absorbed with her handphone when she entered the lift that she did not realise that the doors were closing on her.

Her right leg was trapped between the doors of the lift that closed on her limb and the lower part of the leg was severed as the lift ascended for three floors before stopping.

A recently released CCTV footage of the incident which occurred on 21 June showed the woman tripping as she entered the lift.

Lying on the floor of the lift, she struggled as her right lower leg trapped between the lift doors was crushed as the lift went up for three floors.

Throughout her ordeal, her left hand was clutching her handphone.

Another woman who was more observant did not walk into the lift as its doors closed.