Sultan Nazrin Tells Malays to Change or Go Extinct

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With the change in political climate, Malays told to change mindset.

Perak’s Sultan Nazrin Shah has urged the Malays to change their mindset to deal with the physical, social, economic and political changes in the country.

Otherwise, he said, he feared the Malays would become extinct “like the dinosaurs”.

“Dinosaurs have a large body but a small brain, and they are incapable of adapting to environmental changes, choosing to remain in their old habitats.

“Eventually their population shrank and they became extinct, leaving behind just their fossils for exhibition in museums and as study materials,” he said.

He was speaking at the Malam Semarak Perjuangan held in conjunction with the Tokoh Srikandi 2018 award ceremony last night. The event was organised by Gabungan Pelajar Melayu Semenanjung Malaysia.

Sultan Nazrin said the Malays must be able to embrace change in facing a new political climate after the May 9 general election so that they would not be left behind, especially in the fourth industrial revolution which is expected to see the implementation of emerging technology.


“The Malays should examine the current reality and accept the fact that there is a new environment out there in the country and world stage. Open your eyes, wake up and accept the bitter truth,” he said.

He added that Malays who wanted to progress and gain the respect of others should not allow themselves to be slaves to wealth to the point that they become willing to give up their principles and values.

He also said although the number of Malay professionals had increased, they were still lagging behind compared to other races.

“Corruption and integrity scandals have been reported to be increasing and happening on a massive scale, often committed by Malay professionals which goes against the principles of Islam which stress honesty, trust, self-respect and dignity.

“With all these weaknesses, the Malays should admit and correct their mistakes immediately,” he said.