Tearful Farewell for Penang Bridge Crash Victim

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The ashes of Moey Yun Peng, whose sports utility vehicle plunged into the sea at Penang Bridge in a collision with another car early last Sunday (Jan 20), were placed in the columbarium at the Berapit Chinese cemetery in Bukit Mertajam.

Moey’ remains had arrived at the burial ground about 11.30am on Thursday (Jan 24) for the religious rites and brought to the crematorium about 15 minutes later.

It was an atmosphere of deep grief at the crematorium as Moey’s remains were then placed in the incinerator, watched by his family members and friends, who wept and called out his name.

The incineration took about two hours before his ashes were kept at the columbarium.

Earlier, about 200 of Moey’s family members and friends were at his family home in Taman Kempas, Butterworth, for the religious rites and to pay him their last respects.

Earlier, The Star reported that the Moey family has accepted his death as fate and want to move on with life.

A woman, who declined to be identified, said they believed Moey, 20, had lived a good life for the past 20 years.

“Getting upset with the other driver would not change the reality that Moey had been killed in the accident.

“We are finding ways to cope with our loss. The incident has, at least, created a better awareness of road safety issues.

“Let’s hope this incident serves as a lesson to all.

“We just lost our loved one and we don’t want this to happen to others,” she was quoted as saying at Moey’s funeral wake.

Asked whether the family would forgive the other driver, the woman said they would leave the investigation to the police.

“We will accept any decision by the police and we believe justice will be served.

“We won’t be dwelling on the past. The other driver will most likely be troubled with a guilty conscience,” she said.

Asked whether Moey could be racing at that time, the woman said: “Moey could be driving fast but he won’t be involved in racing. He is a responsible person.”

Moey’s brother, who also declined to be named, said the Chinese New Year celebration would not be the same without his brother.

“We had decorated the house but we won’t be celebrating,” he said.

Meanwhile, the driver of the Toyota Vios has been released on police bail.

He was released at 6.45pm yesterday from the Seberang Prai Tengah district police headquarters’ traffic branch.

He was spotted wearing a cap, a t-shirt and black tracksuit.

He came down from the top floor and immediately walked into a waiting Perodua Viva, believed to be driven by a female relative.

Both did not talk to reporters who had waited since 5pm.

He surrendered himself at the district police headquarters at 2am yesterday after which he was arrested and placed in the lock-up to assist in investigations.

He was accompanied by family members to the police station.

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