Tommy Thomas Won over Crowd with BM Speech

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Attorney-General silence his critics with a rousing speech in Bahasa Malaysia to a cheering crowd.

The distinguished lawyer has been criticised for his alleged poor command of the national language, but an address in Bahasa Malaysia to the Judicial and Legal Service Officers Association (Jalsoa) had the delighted crowd applauding him.

In the speech, he elaborated on the function of the agency, which is to protect the welfare and needs of its members.

He congratulated the agency for their work to this end, adding that he was personally committed to strengthening efforts for the welfare of its members and legal issues in the country.

He also thanked the Jalsoa executive committee for organising the function, as well as members who had lent their support and contributed to the activities held by the association.

He said that occasions such as the Jalsoa Hari Raya function were “the best platform” for officers from the Attorney General’s Chambers (AGC) and the Federal Court chief registrar’s office to mingle and get to know each other.

“I hope the close bond between the officers can be further strengthened, as such solidarity would benefit us all,” said Thomas.

He took the opportunity to announce the allocation of a permanent secretariat office for Jalsoa at the AGC building, which was greeted by cheers from the audience.

Thomas had been slammed by certain parties, including the Malaysian Islamic Organisation Consultative Council (Mapim) and PAS for his alleged lack of proficiency in Malay, and a petition was also launched on, calling for the King to remove Thomas. Ironically, the petition itself was lambasted online for its poor quality of English.