Umno’s Pasir Salak MP Ejected from Parliament for Disruption

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Playing the victim, defiant Tajuddin says will attend Parliament even if suspended for life.

  • Tajuddin claimed Nga deprived him of supplementary question – Nga gave him three opportunities to ask questions but he did not make use of it
  • Picked on minister leaving, on letting his deputy to answer question
  • Called DAP “communists”
  • Called Nga stupid, arrogant, a hypocrite
  • Did not obey order to leave the Dewan

Despite being booted out of the Dewan Rakyat for disobeying the Deputy Speaker, Pasir Salak MP Datuk Seri Tajuddin Abdul Rahman remained defiant, saying he will still attend Parliamentary sittings even if he was suspended forever.

“He wants to suspend me. Suspend-lah!

“Even if he suspended me until I die, I will still not exit (the Dewan Rakyat),” said Tajuddin, who was visibly upset.

“I am free to go in anytime I want to. I am free.

“He wants to suspend me. What kind of speaker is this?”

According to Tajuddin, the verbal spat between him and Nga began after he asked where the Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry Minister Datuk Salahuddin Ayub was during the Minster’s question-and-answer session.

“I saw the (Agriculture and Agro-based Industry) Minister (Datuk Salahuddin Ayub) answering question two and he stayed until question five before he left and my question (for him) was question six. I wondered why he couldn’t wait for my turn before leaving.

“I then politely asked my question to his deputy and he answered well and I thanked him, and showed my appreciation. When it came to my supplementary question, I asked on the minister’s whereabouts. I asked why did he walked away and if he did not want to answer my question.

“The question is not mine, I’m asking on behalf of the rakyat and farmers and he must respect that and it’s his duty to answer the question posed through me. But before I was finished with my statement to proceed with my supplementary question, the (deputy) Speaker got angry already.

Miera Zulyana

“He asked me why I was not asking a question. I said give me time but because of that he deprived me of asking my question and stopped me from posing the question by asking the education minister to proceed with question seven,” Tajuddin said.

Tajuddin maintained that he did not misbehave in the Dewan Rakyat, and Nga had deprived him of his right to ask questions to the ministers on behalf of the rakyat.

“The Speaker didn’t allow me to ask my supplementary question. Of course, I was angry. You expect me to sit down and just smile?”

Nga said he had given ample space and time for Tajuddin to ask questions during the question-and-answer time but he did not make use of it. He used the 30-second allotted time to give a speech instead. He repeatedly defied Nga’s rulings and badgered for a proper answer to Salahuddin’s whereabouts.

“He (Tajuddin) had many allegations and accusations against the minister, which I found were baseless. I asked him to sit down three times but he did not listen.”

When his time was up, Nga asked Tajuddin to stop and wanted to move on to the next question.

But Tajuddin felt the request was unfair as he had not posed his supplementary question. This prompted Nga to tell the Umno leader to move on.

During the heated exchange, Tajuddin asked Nga to leave instead.

“Speaker, please go out.”

He also called DAP “communists”, prompting Nga to tell the MP to leave the proceedings.

“Pasir Salak was given enough room for questions, but he chose to hurl accusations at a minister.

“For me, this had no basis.

“I gave you three opportunities (to ask questions) and you are stubborn,” Nga said, before directing the sergeant-at-arms to escort Tajuddin out.

Tajuddin, however, did not move and continued to scold ruling government lawmakers and Nga.

He added that this was the “true behaviour” of DAP leaders.

“I haven’t finished with my questions and you tell me to stop. This is the behaviour of DAP. The speaker is unfair and does not respect the people.

“I still wish to ask my questions, please allow me to do so,” he said, refusing to leave the hall despite being told to several times.

The Deputy Speaker then suspended the Barisan Nasional MP from the Dewan Rakyat sitting for four days, saying that Tajuddin had behaved indecently.

“As Pasir Salak (MP) had again refused (my) instruction, I suspend him for four days,” said Nga, adding, “All Malaysians can watch now how badly behaved the Pasir Salak (MP) is”.

“The order has been released. As a dignified person, please abide by the order of the proceedings,” Nga told Tajuddin who by then had ignored his orders to leave the chamber for the fifth time.

In response, Tajuddin asked what was “indecent” about his behaviour, adding that he did not need the support of the deputy speaker.

“What indecently? I only reprimanded the minister. What is there indecent? I got my people here, I don’t need your support,” said Tajuddin.

“I am the victim, not him. He’s anti-BN and the opposition.

“He said I misbehaved. I only made statements against the minister. Is that unruly?”

Several opposition MPs came to Tajuddin’s defence and said Nga was not being consistent in his decision.

“My decision is consistent. According to Clause 44(2) of the Standing Order, when a lawmaker behaves indecently, (I can suspend him),” Nga countered.

According to Tajuddin, the decision to suspend him did not stand as it was not enforced – a claim that was immediately rebutted by Nga.

“Under the Standing Order 43 and 44, it is clear that the Speaker’s decision is final. And when the Speaker ejects a lawmaker, he shall leave the Dewan immediately,” Nga said.

Opposition leader Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob then urged Nga to reconsider his ruling, to which, Nga said the decision was final.

Despite being heckled by government MPs who pressed him to leave, Tajuddin remained at his place and shouted back at his critics.

The fracas took about 20 minutes to abate.

Later when met by reporters at the Parliament lobby, Salahuddin defended his decision to allow his deputy to answer the question on his behalf, saying it was common practice in the government.

“It’s a normal process. There’s no issue about me running away from the Dewan. In normal circumstances, the minister should allow the opportunity for his deputy to answer some questions.

“This is a consensus among the various ministries. And this does not just take place during this session,” he added.

When asked about the “communists” comment, Tajuddin said he had been provoked by DAP lawmakers.

“They were jeering at me. When it’s DAP, everything is good. But with Umno and BN, everything is not good. Why didn’t Nga chide them instead?

“He’s always protecting the DAP MPs when he’s the speaker. But when the opposition wants to ask questions, he suppresses us. He must be neutral to be a speaker.”

Nga told reporters later that Tajuddin had misbehaved as an MP.

“I regret such behaviour as ample space was given to him to respond, but he chose to throw accusations at the minister.”

Nga said he had told Tajuddin to sit down several times, but that the MP had not obeyed.

Because of this, he said, he had carried out his duties according to Standing Order 44 (2) by suspending Tajuddin for two days.

“I gave him about 15 minutes to leave the House but he didn’t.”

After the Umno MP refused to obey orders and warnings, Nga had added another two days.

Nga said he was forced to increase the punishment because of Tajuddin’s unbecoming behaviour.

“He accused the Speaker of being stupid and arrogant.

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“I think no one will be able to tolerate such an attitude. He came here not to carry out his duties as an elected representative, but to cause trouble.

“That is why I’m forced to increase his punishment from two days to four days. He will not be able to enter the Dewan Rakyat until next Tuesday.

“This is a reminder to all members of the House to carry out their duties with integrity and ethics.

“We can argue but it must be done ethically, not impolitely,” he added.

Nga explained that the punishment was a deterrent to protect the image and dignity of the House.

“His motive was obviously to be rude, mouthing profanities and to be a hero. But I think his attitude showed he’s not a hero but a zero,” Nga said.

Nga also said that he had been neutral in carrying out his duties and had acted in accordance with the rules of the house.

“I’m absolutely neutral when I do my job.

“Even if lawmakers from the ruling party have such an attitude, I will not hesitate carry out my duty,” he said.

Without mincing words, Nga said Tajuddin’s name will enter the history books as a horrible example of a lawmaker

“The people of Pasir Salak should reconsider voting for such a lawmaker if we want to be a world-class Parliament.

“MPs should practise mature politics.

“Don’t be like Pasir Salak MP, that is a horrible example.

“Because of that, Pasir Salak will go down in history. His name will not be a good example, but a horrible example,” Nga said.