Waytha’s “Ghostly” Friend a Man Devoted to Peace

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Hindraf chief saddened by insults on the appearance of Hindu scholar who attended his swearing-in.

He’s not a ghost but a Hindu scholar who renounced worldly life, newly-appointed Unity Minister P Waythamoorthy said today.

He was referring to photos in social media of a “ghostly” man with long braided hair and a thick beard at the Senators’ swearing-in ceremony on Tuesday.

Waythamoorthy said Arunachalanandaji is a non-Indian national residing in India who is respected for his insights and dedication.

He called the scholar a close friend and brother, who had dedicated a large part of his life to propagating world peace and communal harmony.

“He is my brother who has renounced his life for world peace and lives by a mountain in India in seclusion,” Waythamoorthy was quoted by FMT as saying.

He said he had invited Arunachalanandaji out of respect.

“I thought that since he dedicated more than 30 years of his life to world peace, it would be most appropriate for him to grace my swearing-in,” said the Hindraf chief.